UK reveals one way Russia ‘significantly lowered its rating’

According to the British Ministry of Defense, The attack on the Saki Air Base in CrimeaRemarkably affected Russia. Bangs, as they point out from this source, have “Significantly reduced” the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Confirmed daily intelligence update of the Ministry of Defense Eight Russian fighter jets lostThis is the same number indicated by satellite images of the Saki base, which were published a few hours ago. Specifically, these are five fighter-bombers and three multi-role aircraft.

Eight fighter planes lost It will only make a slight impact on the entire fleet From planes from Moscow, but It would be a huge setback for the Black Sea Fleet The Russian Navy “in detail. As a result, the fleet’s ability to fly seas has now deteriorated significantly.”

It must be remembered that a file Russian version that was None of its planes were affected to bombardment. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but the above satellite imagery indicates the possibility that it was a targeted attack.

UK expects Russia to fail

On the other hand, the head of the British Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, stressed that he not only sees it as “unlikely” that Russia will occupy the rest of Ukraine, but also believes that Russian forces began to “hesitate” and expect their “failure”..

They have failed so far and are unlikely to succeed in occupying Ukraine. (…). They have so continually adjusted their invasion that they are only concentrating on the south and east, very, very far from that supposed three-day special operation,” said the British defense officer.

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Ben Wallace, like his department’s report, emphasized the losses incurred by the Russian forces in recent days: “Three days is now almost six months, with Huge and significant losses of Russian equipment and personnel. ”.

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