Stunning (and full of spoilers) the latest official trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It has already been released in Japan and with very good box office numbers – despite no film getting through Broly-. So far, Toei has been acting and in the trailers before the premiere has taught us very little: Neither new transformations, nor the final enemy nor anything that can crush the surprise, which is what happened with the previous movie where he was already in the trailers we knew he was going to appear jogeta. But that time of quiet for those of us who don’t have a movie release date is over.

The Trailer finish From the movie here, it’s amazing but at the same time She has huge spoilers. If you want to see it, You are warnedrecorded in minutes.

Spoilers on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer here

In the final and official trailer for toy That you have a little less and barely a minute we see how some already known sequences are repeated, such as the fight between Vegeta and Goku on a planet Invoices or androids Gamma 1 and 2 litersFight with Gohan and Piccolo, the last available Guardians on Earth to try to stop the rebirth of Red Ribbon. So far, everything is fine. But then comes the hard part. Here is the trailer:

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In the same video we see the new transformation of Piccolothis is called orange Piccolo An unprecedented force awakens in the Namekian. In addition, we also see for the first time the final villain of the film, which has remained tight and only those who search for spoilers and spoilers on purpose (or look at a miniature of Youtube) can know. Yes, it’s Cell Max. The ultimate fireworks arrival with johanwhich also began with a new turn that excites us – like the entire movie – into the epic of the cell and it looks like Raise Son Goku to a new level.

When will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premiere in Spain?

At the moment we don’t have a date for the film’s premiere in Spain, although Crunchyroll is working to provide information on it as soon as possible. We know it will debut in the US in mid-August, and is expected to arrive in our country all this summer. Remember that here you can watch the first minutes full of nostalgia from the film.

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