The celebrity has begun a series of prayers for Silvina Luna’s health

Late Tuesday, the news broke that Silvina Luna She was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Italian hospital, sedated and on a ventilator. It was Ángel de Brito who reported this they At the same time, she said, the model’s brother keeps company with her inner circle.

Health problems of the previous participant Big brother It started due to the plastic surgery performed by the doctor in 2011 Hannibal Lutoki, who at the time injected biopolymers into her buttocks as part of a treatment that ended up causing hypercalcemia and kidney failure in her body. For this fact, the Oral and Correctional Court No. 28 of the City of Buenos Aires sentenced the professional to four years in prison—and five years’ ban from practicing medicine—for grievous injury in a case initiated jointly by Silvina, Stevie Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trinchi And Pamela Sosa.

Since then, Luna has been waiting for a kidney transplant and needs it at the same time Hemodialysis three times a week In the four-hour sessions since his kidneys stopped working. At the beginning of June, he said that “the path to transplantation has begun” but everything was delayed by a bacterium he had contracted. Thus, in the past few hours, many celebrities have expressed themselves on their social networks after receiving the news that she is drugged and on a respirator in intensive care, and they have begun a series of prayers for the model who is undergoing intensive treatment.

Silvina Luna’s health concern: she was admitted to intensive care (Video: “L”, America)

Marcella Tenier She was one of the first to express herself publicly. He did it through his program, Argument in the tavernHe recounted the situation the actress was going through and was optimistic. “She’s coming out because she’s such a young fighter and she has so many people who love her,” she said of Course America.

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“Sylvina Luna makes me so sad. The good of mine who does not deserve to go through all this. I hope he recovers soon.” Juliette Ortega. And Luciana Salazar He said he had contacted the model about his pending kidney transplant: “Sylvina makes me so sad. I spoke to her recently and she was so excited. Let’s pray for her so she can move on as she deserves.”

“Let’s think of nice things about her so she can move on. Chain of prayer, good energy, whatever it is, think of it as healthy and strong.” Paula Chavez to four million followers on Instagram with a photo of Silvina.

Jose Maria Muscari He shared a photo with Silvina Luna, and wrote: “All power to you my friend. You are mine good and pure light. Soon everything will be a bad memory. The arrival of good vibes. Dedicated to improvement and healing. Love love love.”

Miriam Lanzoni He also posted a picture next to actor Pablo Raghu’s braid. We love you very much. “You are getting better,” the actress said to her friend, “we are waiting to pamper you.”

Gladys FlormonteMeanwhile, he mentioned the actress’s official Twitter account and left her a message of encouragement: Come on, dear Sylvie. You can,” and add a red heart emoji.

Annama Ferrera He also wrote directly to Silvina on his social networks: “Today let’s create a chain of positive energy for her. Let’s pray that she gets better and gets out of this ongoing crisis. God bless her”.

“A chain of prayers for Silvina Luna, who is undergoing intensive treatment with a ventilator,” he said. Esteve Berardi on Instagram with a photo of the actress and a red heart emoji and two hands in the form of a prayer.

Paola Chavez’s message to Silvina Luna
Luciana Salazar has joined the chain of prayers for Silvina Luna’s health
Julieta Ortega also expressed herself in the presence of Silvina Luna
Gladys Flormonte sent energy to Silvina Luna
Anamma Ferrera, one of the celebrities who joined Silvina Luna’s Prayer Series
José María Muscari dedicated an emotional message to Silvina Luna
Estefi Berardi also expressed himself on his social networks for the health of Silvina Luna

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