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Unlike the star of his hit streaming show, Hwang Dong-hyuk didn’t exactly win the “Squid Game” grand prize.

Despite turning into a true cultural phenomenon with a record audience, Netflix’s “Squid Game” didn’t prove to be a source of income for the mastermind of the Korean series. Series creator Hwang revealed that the survival drama essentially provided him with “enough to put food on the table.”

“It’s not like Netflix is ​​paying me a bonus,” the 50-year-old told The Guardian. He also noted that despite his astronomical success — “Squid Game” recently surpassed “Bridgeton” to become the most-watched show on Netflix — the streaming platform is still paying him the amount stipulated in the original contract.

Hwang joked that he would never be “rich” like the Squid Game-addicted protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-Jae), who… Spoiler alert! – You end up winning $38,460,271.20 from Deadly Decathlon. However, the author admitted that he had enough to survive.

The highly violent suspense series has been watched by 142 million families and has increased its Netflix subscribers by 4.4 million.

However, that might seem like a little considering that the dystopian thriller has been watched by 142 million households and has increased its Netflix subscribers by 4.4 million. Currently, the program is valued at around $900 million for the streaming service.

Not to mention, making a ‘Squid Game’ had a serious effect on Hwang’s body and mind.

“It was physically, mentally and emotionally draining,” said Director Silence of the creative process, which was supposed to be so stressful that he lost six teeth.

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“I kept coming up with new ideas and revising episodes while we were shooting, so work doubled,” Hwang also told UK outlets.

Hwang Dong-hyuk (center) on set "squid" The first season.Hwang Dong-hyuk (center) on the set of the first season of “Squid Game”. Netflix /. via .

The “Squid Game,” in which cash-strapped players compete in deadly competitions on the court for prizes, is said to be based on a series about Hwang’s struggles after the economic crisis that hit South Korea in 2009.

Hwang reportedly resorted to comics in Seoul such as “Battle Royal” and “Liar Game,” which featured characters “in desperate need of money and success.”

“If there really was a survival game like this, I wondered, would I share it to earn money for my family?” He told the Guardian. “I realized that since I was a filmmaker, I could focus myself on these kinds of stories, so I started with the script.”

Fortunately, Hwang hasn’t given up all hope of winning the “Squid Game” jackpot.

“Maybe I have to do season two to get rich like a Squid winner,” he joked. However, as of now, it’s not clear if there will actually be a Season 2, but even if there is, it probably won’t drop until 2023.

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