Spy and Spike, the dogs who fell into the Puebla pit, are rescued

The puppies that took place in The Santa Maria Zacatepec stream, in the state of Puebla, And the local authorities rescued them, on Thursday afternoon, after the governor of the entity announced, Miguel Angel Barbosa Huerta, Ask to save them.

members of Civil protection State, removed from the place sterilization s surge, The two dogs who lived for more than 48 hours in muddy water, without food or water.

After he was rescued, members of the puebla animal care He performed evaluation and veterinary medical care for the two dogs.

“Thanks to the coordinated action, it was possible to #Rescue #Spay and #Spike. The two dogs are cared for by the staff of IBAGobPue,” the Civil Protection stated on his Twitter account.

The two dogs survived for several days without food and water and into the stream (Photo: Puebla government)

It should be noted that at 7:00 pm the local chief reported that he had already instructed to rescue, having worked in an area The plan that did not endanger life From any person or from the animals themselves.

Less than half an hour later, civil protection rescuers reported that the work had been successfully completed and that both dogs were under protection. According to the above, it was not necessary to use a helicopter as previously mentioned by Barbossa Huerta.

The complaint that Spy and Spike have fallen into the sinkhole has been filed since June 7. Through a YouTube video, it was revealed that they are still alive, so the animal rescue and life support unit (Orsva) Request permission from state government to Access to the area and do Rescue maneuvers.

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“Mister Governor, please, We need permission from the state government. We need to authorize you as a constitutional governor so that we can carry out the tasks necessary to extract these two dogs,” one organization member asked.

Authorities reviewed the dogs' health (Photo: Puebla Government)
Authorities reviewed the dogs’ health (Photo: Puebla Government)

“They are actually very risky tasks, however, when they are performed by individuals who have an exercise and the an exercise To get involved in these kinds of scenarios, we try to Minimize all potential risks So that the rescuers can do get off safely”added.

Finally, insist on it Quartet deserves attention For rescue, her species has accompanied and even assisted humans in perilous situations, such as the 2017 earthquake.

After several days of insistence, the governor responded on Twitter that he would review the case.

‘In various media demand Save the “lomitos” trapped in the sinkholeWe understand it, we want to save them and we are working on it. It is an issue that is reviewed with professionals in order to do so, it is not a simple decision. The option being parsed is the one that allows a safe rescue, while there is no security we can’t do. He stressed that it is difficult and we have to take responsibility.”

Two dogs fell into a ditch (Images: Twitter)
Two dogs fell into a ditch (Images: Twitter)

“We respect all expressions of love for animals. We have not abandoned them, they have been provided with food and water, and we are acting responsibly. “Any decision should be free of risk to anyone,” he added.

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Thanks to following up on the history of dogs trapped in a stream, they can be saved to this day. Spy will return to her owner Fatima, who was an important part of the rescue. On the other hand, Spike, who appears to be a stray dog, must find a home.

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