AMLO sent a message of agreement after meeting with businessmen: “There was no confrontation.”

Mexico’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said his “desire to work together” was reaffirmed after emerging from his meeting with businessmen at the Caloz Museum, in the historic centre.

He reiterated the desire, the willingness to work together to promote private investment, which is essential, and the country cannot be developed with public investment alone, private investment is required, and a good agreement has been reached.

It was a friendly meeting, there was no difference, no confrontation, everything was in harmony, and I am very grateful to The country’s entrepreneurs who help us move forward together, so that Mexico remains at the forefront of global development”, The Mexican president, in a brief speech, indicated that the media was conducted in the middle of the street.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico

Mexico has a very special situation today: Mexico is one of the countries with the most opportunities for national and foreign investment. Especially with regard to investment, production and trade.

Is to continue to take advantage ofl Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada. Foreign investment is growing and the economy is growing.

It was very clear that they were not going to raise taxes. We will not take any action that affects the private sector. On the contrary. We agree to work together.” Mexican President added.

Lopez Obrador met on Thursday at the facilities of the Caloz Museum, With members of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), an association with which he had strong contact as a presidential candidate and with whom he now holds closed meetings.

Among the businessmen who met with AMLO on Thursday were Emilio Azcarraga Jean, Carlos Slim Dummet and Claudio X.  Gonzalez.
Among the businessmen who met with AMLO on Thursday were Emilio Azcarraga Jean, Carlos Slim Dummet and Claudio X. Gonzalez.

The meeting takes place in the context of the restructuring of powers in the Congress of the Union, After the intermediate elections that determined the weights within the legislative palace of San Lazzaro. After the elections, the MNR (which led López Obrador to the presidency of Mexico) lost an absolute majority and the National Action Party’s seats grew, among others.

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It is also worth noting that López Obrador announced a new change in his cabinet that could be the topic of conversation at the meeting with the Mobile Communications Network (CMN). Arturo Herrera is stepping down as head of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to be promoted by the president to be the next potential governor of the Bank of Mexico. Now, who will be responsible for SHCP Rogelio Ramirez de la O., one of the chief economic advisors to the CEO.

between The businessmen who came to the museum are: Juan Gallardo, Alberto Torrado, Jose Antonio Pérez, Joaquín Vargas, Carlos González, Rogelio Zambrano, Antonio del Valle, Valentin Díez Muduro, Agustin Copel, Claudio X Gonzalez, Carlos Slim Dumet, Pablo Azcaraga de Posadas, Danielio Ramirez, O. Azkaraga.

(Photo: @lopezobrador_/Twitter)
(Photo: @lopezobrador_/Twitter)

The Mexican Business Council has been secretive throughout its nearly 60-year history. Since 1962 There has never been an official list of people who make up the Mobile Communications Network (CMN)However, analysts estimate that up to 60 names could appear as members of the association.

The council guarantees this on its official page Contributes 17% of GDP; It also claims to have invested 623 billion Mexican pesos in 2019 and employs 1.6 million Mexicans.

On the outskirts of the museum, the press also contacted the head of the CMN, Antonio del Valle Peruchina. He announced that the Ministry of Finance is working on a possible tax reform: “They think themselves about amending laws, financial regulation, but they are thinking about the small taxpayer. About how to lighten the burden of paperwork on the small taxpayers. And that’s what SHCP does, as I understand it.”

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