forefront? The story of the shooter goes back to World War II according to English media

According to verified sources from Eurogamer, Sledgehammer Games will repeat the setup after COD: WWII.

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We’ve been in the spring for several days now, and it’s time to start speculating about when the next video game will be launched from Epic Call of Duty. At the moment, there are no details on when such an announcement will be made, but we were able to find out One piece of information From Eurogamer various details about a multiplayer FPS, including its name, forefrontAnd its location: World War II.

Vanguard may not be the final name for the new Call of DutyBritish media confirmed a series of news that spread on social media in recent days, and even more after that Function From the niche portal Modern Warzone that set the shooter scene for Hammer games. Let’s remember Activision’s internal study brought the franchise back into that historical context with the greats Call of Duty: World War II, Released in 2017.

One point should be clarified in this modern war zone information. According to his data, the new Call of Duty Not yet definitively approved By officials in other words, Vanguard would only be a temporary name to be replaced later in order to be marketed. However, from Eurogamer they went further and saw that the Sledgehammer Games project maintains its name in the stores.

There is also discrepancy in the data about the setup. Although both media are committed to WWII, Modern Warzone states that Vanguard will take action. Alternative timetable As the fighting wasn’t over in 1945. Eurogamer rejects this idea and believes Activision and Sledgehammer Games are looking for a more traditional context for a video game.

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We’ll have to wait the next few weeks for official confirmation of these details that Eurogamer and Modern Warzone share. Call of Duty is an epic Exposed to leaks In recent years, either due to this kind of post or commercial leaks, so users have to keep their eyes wide open for any possible details about the production.

Call of Duty: WWII, released in 2017

It wouldn’t be surprising if Sledgehammer Games’ commitment to WWII was confirmed given the fine taste in the mouth that the studio left with his last adventure, which Alvaro Castellano appreciates in Call of Duty: An Analysis of World War II As a very content-rich proposal and has a conservative website but perfectly calculated to be simple, hectic and addictive again. It remains to be seen how this setup will be incorporated in the context of the commitment to the battle royale that Activision has brought in recent years with Call of Duty: A War Zone.

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