Some Liverpool fans were shocked by the “amazing” news coming from Chelsea –

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Liverpool fans took to Twitter to respond after Chelsea announced that fans would be present at board meetings starting July 1.

Now, that’s a huge, massive step up for English football.

Three fans, who will be chosen through an election process, will attend Chelsea’s boardroom meetings to ensure that club decisions are made in the best interest of the fans.

And Chelsea’s statement adds that these fans will attend approximately four meetings a year, and more if needed.

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If all goes well and the fans’ chosen year ends successfully, Chelsea will allow them to choose a charity in the UK and then donate to them the sum of £ 2,500.

Simply put, it’s a great idea for Chelsea and we hope it marks the start of a fan-oriented revolution in English football.

As you can see below, Liverpool fans love this idea.

Some of the supporters below asked the Reds to adopt the same process, while others simply praised the Blues for their initiative.

Chelsea Football Club / Image via Chelsea.

In our opinion, this is how it should be: You need to catch up.

Boardrooms across the country are making decisions about soccer clubs without fans participating for too long.

How many disasters like the Premier League must we face before the idea of ​​Chelsea becomes the norm across England?

In our view, having a fan present at board meetings would save football clubs a lot of trouble.

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After all, we have already seen that unpopular decisions lately will be met with mass protests.

Why not consult a national fan and avoid such a confrontation?

Chelsea did so and hopefully it paved the way for the rest of football; The blues deserve praise.

English football may be about to change for the better.

Let’s see what Liverpool fans have said on Twitter about the Chelsea ad …

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