So you can get one even if you are undocumented

the Foreigners Which is under status Not documented In the lands United State They have certain restrictions on their residency, and it is illegal for them to stay in the country if they do not have the required documents.

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According to the channel’s official website Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCSIS)Employers cannot hire people they do not have Employment Authorization (EAD) In order to obtain this document, you must have a valid and approved immigration permit, such as a work visa.

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However, according to the information received from the authority, Asylum seekers also Refugee They can do it. This group of people enter the country illegally and wait until their immigration status is resolved. In the meantime, you have the possibility of getting a job.

To do this, a person must belong to any of these groups:

– You have Form I-485 in process, Request to register permanent residence or adjust status.

– You have Form I-589 in process, Asylum application and suspension of deportation.

-Has non-immigrant status Which allows you to be in the United States, but does not allow you to work in the United States without first requesting an EAD (such as a student on an F-1 or M-1 visa).

Work in the United States


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You are allowed to work in the United States based on your immigration status or circumstances (for example, you are a refugee, refugee, or nonimmigrant) and need proof of your work authorization“, in detail Ucsis.

All you have to do is send Form I-776 to UCSIS. It is important to do this, as some employers require verification of the procedure so they can award the job.

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Given the condition it is in To renew, you have to do a different process: “If you are still eligible to apply for a work permit or have a work permit due to your immigration status or circumstances, but your EAD is about to expire or has already expired, you must apply to renew your EAD using the new Form I- 765 in conjunction With required fees (if necessary)“The entity explains.

In this last case, The application must be submitted within 180 days before the permit expires. “Typically, you cannot request a renewal of your EAD more than 180 days before the original EAD expires.“, USCIS concluded.

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