Silvestre Dangond opened a US auto show

Bearing in mind that there are many artists who have seen their economy affected during the pandemic, some of them have made a decision to invest their money in new projects, which has resulted in They act as a “cushion” when their finances are at risk.

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Silvestre Dangond founded a company in the United States

“Take the Key” (Take the Key) is called the company that the Colombian singer founded in Miami, United States; The business is focused on buying, repairing and selling used cars at reasonable prices.

The franchise owner, who until now has a location in “City of the Sun”, says Cars range from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000; In addition, there are models from 2017.

Here is a map showing the location of the business:

The translator, who was shown a few days ago on his new luxury car, commented on his Instagram account, that his followers may find that he is attending his work, which means that, For now, your attention will be focused on your endeavors.

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Here, a photo that Silvestre Dangond took in his new work facility:

Sylvester d’Angond started as an actor in 2021

In October 2020, urumitero admitted on social networks that he will debut as an actor and will star in Leandro Díaz’s lively novel, which is a production RCN has confirmed that it will be in its programs for 2021.

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Likewise, Silvestre Dangond was honored for his ability to reincarnate the master of Valento; The story to be broadcast on the screen It will be based on the book “Leandro” written by Alonso Sanchez Bout.

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