What happened to Emiliano Flores, the beloved young actor who never appeared beyond his teenage role

It was the high school sweetheart’s turn to bid farewell to the cameras

Televisa’s cooperation with other production companies has given great results when we talk about youth series, and no one can deny the success achieved by La CQ, a program created in cooperation with… Cartoon Network Latin America In it, we met likable characters who arguably shined much more than the protagonist himself responsible for them Emiliano Floresthe high school heartthrob we never saw on screens again.

It was overshadowed by the charisma of Munch, who played it (Harold Azura) and “Beto” (Benny EmmanuelEmiliano’s character, Angel, takes a back seat throughout the plot, even though the story forces him, chapter after chapter, to search for a way to get over Clara (Allie Mueller).

La CQ’s success was huge and surprising in Latin America, so much so that they won awards in 2012 and 2014. Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico As the audience’s favorite series, however, its cancellation was suddenly announced by Televisa, which for no reason, I decided to bury this project And whoever will investigate this conspiracy, As a possible spin-off One of the most beloved figures in history.

With the cancellation of “La CQ”, many of the actors, (already in their teens), They decided to continue their careers on and off the screenSome of them even coincided again In a movie for NetflixBut for many of them, including Emiliano, their path to acting has been buried with the series itself.

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Trying to change his career, a year after La CQ ended, his then high school sweetheart took part in the series ‘as the saying goes’ In 2015, In one post Which marked his end on Mexican television.

It has been removed from the cameras EmilianoA huge fan of motorsport and Formula 1 He devoted himself to studying lawHe obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Panamericana and a master’s degree from Northwestern University in the United States.

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