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In an increasingly digital and competitive world, knowledge about innovation, science and technology is essential to the success of future generations. In this context, the Technology Academy of SENA has established itself as an engine for innovative education in Huila.

Evidence of the above is that during this year 1,486 children from 14 educational institutions in the north of the province, who are not more than 17 years old, have been trained through the Huila Mobile Technology Academy of SENA La Angostura. They are interns leading projects related to robotics and biotechnology lines, which are applied to provide solutions to the needs of the Colombian countryside.

“This year we have achieved satisfactory results and emphasize biotechnology and electronics lines with the support of our facilitators, who encourage science, technology and innovation in children, adolescents, youth and apprentices who implement solutions to the needs of the Colombian countryside. This allows convergence with the productive sector in the region.highlighted Maidy Perdomo, Huila Tech Itinerant Facilitator.

The real magic of the Academy of Technology lies in its ability to encourage interest and passion in technology. Not only do children gain technical skills, but they also experience the excitement of creating, designing, and solving problems in their environment. In addition, they enhance cognitive skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

“We learned to program bots, compiled them and created our own applications thanks to the knowledge that they gave us. For example, we developed an application to promote the ecological path, to guide people who visit it, and to show our capabilities ”Andrés Felipe Bastidas, an intern at Tecnoacademia, was highlighted.

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The goal of Tecnoacademia is to awaken interest in science, technology and innovation in children.

This initiative has benefited rural educational institutions in the municipalities of Algeciras, Villavieja, Rivera, Hubo, Tello, Paraia, Teruel, Aibe, Palermo, Yaguara, Iquira, Campoalegre and the rural district of Neiva. The goal is to reach all municipalities in the north of the constituency to contribute to reducing gaps in technology education and creating an environment where all children feel empowered to progress in the digital and innovative world.

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