Trump singles out Hunter Biden for his business deals. About his family he does not speak

Unlike other modern presidents, Trump has never relinquished control of his vast business with interests in multiple countries, nor has he stopped making deals abroad, even during his presidency. He made money and shamelessly promoted his family’s company, ignoring all kinds of rules. For example, the luxury hotel that opened near the White House has become a favorite destination for lobbyists, negotiators, and foreign governments, including those of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain, which have spent lavishly on accommodations, ceremonies, and other events. .

Moreover, Trump has allowed his family to hold government positions without any clear division with his own interests. Unlike Hunter Biden, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, were both on the White House staff, where they could determine crucial corporate policies abroad.

Kushner was heavily involved in defining the government’s strategy for the Middle East and established numerous contacts in the region. After leaving the White House, Kushner founded a private equity firm with $2 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia and hundreds of millions of other Arab countries that American policies worked for, and for. Trump returns to the presidency.

“The Trump family’s business entanglements abroad were far more numerous and included dozens of conflicts with foreign companies,” said Norman Eisen, an attorney who defied the former president’s habit of accepting money from abroad during his tenure.

These entanglements included people like Jared and Ivanka, who worked in government; “On the other hand, Hunter was never a civil servant,” Eisen added. “In fact, Trump himself has publicly benefited, while there is no evidence that Biden ever benefited.”

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