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Erica Constantine, 26, took his dog for a walk in an area called Sunrise Park, On South CarolinaAnd the United StateWhen he saw that the animal stopped to smell something: A. Wild species.

“We were wandering around, and she came. I saw her sniff and that’s what made me walk there because she only does it if something dies or if there is something interesting to her.”The young lady said.

He went to check what he noticed and Conquered by horror immediately. It was on the verge of Skeleton of a creature with an oval skullProtruding teeth, a kind of dorsal fin and long bones that looked like legs, although there were no arms in the remains.

Erica, who lives in a nearby town CharlestonSouth Carolina state authorities reported, in addition to taking pictures of the remains in an attempt to determine what it was.

“I honestly didn’t know what it was. I lived here for five years and I’ve never come across anything like thisReassured the girl. Constantine decided to upload the pictures to the networks to see if any user could identify the species.

I thought someone would say, ‘Oh, it’s like a seal,’ and then go on with my day, but a lot of people were confused. ‘Erica indicated her failed attempt to obtain an identity for the dead animal.

Constantine decided to upload pictures to the networks to see if any user could identify the species but had no luck.

Local authorities suggested that he could become zarigüeyaBut Constantine was not convinced. Erica believes that this creature came to the shores of the beach from The forbidden island inhabited by monkeys And out of human reach.

“Technically it is called.” Morgan Island, But is known as Monkey Island. They are not inhabited by humans, they are all monkeys with them The government conducted the tests. I think a Monkey Island monkey was swept away by a high current or whatever and then headed to Charleston. “Erica explained, still looking for clues and answers.

The island got its nickname from the colony of Around Dee 4000 monos rhesus That inhabit the place. The only people who have access to it are researchers working for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

But there are many who say that the island is home to laboratory Similar to Bloom Island Disease Center (PIADC)Located in Suffolk County, New York. It is here that all kinds of experiments with animal pathogens will be practiced.

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