Scotland: Poll Indicates 52% Want To Know …

Prime Minister ScotlandNicola Sturgeon, organized by Prof. New referendum to determine whether to leave the UK In the event of winning the May elections to renew the local parliament. British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonThe only person who can legally conduct a new popular consultation on this subject, It might actually speak against.

“I want a legal referendum, this is what I will seek in May, the authority of the Scottish people, and if they give me that, what I intend to do is to conduct a legal referendum to give the people the right to choose.” The current head of the Scottish government said in an interview with the BBC. C: It’s democracy, it’s not about what Boris Johnson or I want.

The sturgeon made that promise the same day Britain’s Sunday Times published a survey claiming it 52 percent of Scots support independence.

In 2014, a popular consultation took place in which 55 per cent of Scots voted against leaving the UK. The voters’ main argument was that, when they become independent, they will be outside the European Union.

However, after two years Britain’s exit from the European Union has won in the polls, With so many English voices. In both Scotland and Northern Ireland, the majority of people voted against leaving the European Union.

The Scottish Prime Minister argues that, as the majority of the country against Brexit has shown, they should organize a new referendum on the independence of Scotland.

For this part, Boris Johnson He did speak out against the new popular counsel because, he argued, it is an “once in a generation” event At least 40 years must pass before the issue is called to vote.

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He is afraid of democracy The sturgeon was released during a BBC interview. When I hear Boris Johnson talking about this, it reminds me of (Robert) Burns’ poem: “A scary, cowardly little animal, what a scare, little animal.”

The Scottish National Party (SNP, by its acronym in English), led by the Prime Minister, presented on Saturday a “road map” to organize the referendum. For the Scottish National Party authorities, the British government has three options to endorse the call to the polls: to accept that the Scottish Parliament has jurisdiction to call a referendum under the Scots Act 1998; Give effective mandate to vote or call referendum in the courts.

The survey published by The Sunday Times also indicates this Pro-independence aspirations are strongly evident in Northern Ireland. The Republican Party seeks to propose a referendum to achieve Irish unity and return to the European Union.

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