Science Week: Students explore INMeT

Iguazu (LaVozDeCataratas) «During the visit, they had the opportunity to learn more about who we are, what our mission and vision are, and the importance of science in developing public health. They were also informed about the activities scheduled for Science Week. The dynamic of the visit involved dividing the students into small groups, each accompanied by a special teacher. “Each group visited different specific thematic areas within the institute,” Dr. Dayna Sanabria told LaVozDeCataratas.

Various posts were created and passed zoonotic diseases, Here, students learned about diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, such as rabies, Hanta viruses, and others. The importance of understanding these diseases for public health was highlighted. From the forest to the pharmacy, andThis publication focused on plant extracts from the Misiones region and their potential use in medicinal treatments. Students explored medicinal plant research and its importance; Molecular region AHere, the laboratory workflow upon sample receipt is shown. He discussed how the institute contributed to the fight against COVID-19 during the pandemic and displayed the equipment used in molecular research.

In this post intended, Students explored the life cycle of sand flies (disease-carrying insects) and their differences. How mosquitoes transmit diseases and how to control them is discussed. in poisonous animals, He focused on toxic organisms, such as stinging caterpillars, and highlighted the importance of research into toxins and antidotes. In this post Parasites, ectoparasites and endoparasitesThey addressed issues related to parasites and how they affect human and animal health.

“The students asked us many questions and left very happy with the visit,” Dayna Sanabria, a research assistant in pharmacology and biochemistry at INMet ANLIS Malbran, told LaVoz deCataratas.

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These educational visits aim to inspire young people and spark their interest in science and technology, while providing them with valuable information about the vital work carried out by INMeT to improve public health.

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