Mexico and the United States agree in DEAN to invest in the southeastern Grupo Milenio National

Mexico And United State agreed upon in the High-Level Economic Dialogue (dean) Investing in southeastern and northern Central America To promote development in North America.

The commercial office said in a statement United State (The US Trade Advisor) pointed this out Trade representatives of both countries They agreed on four specific pillars to strengthen the region.

Dean’s pillars

The first element of dean It is strengthening supply chains in the region and Reduce the risk of outage Due to potential threats in the current international context, As happened during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Mexico and the United States will integrate regional semiconductor supply chains.
  • They will expand existing activities in the region, improving the investment climate in assembly, testing and packaging.

The second corner of dean It is reinforcement Economic and social development in southeastern Mexico and northern Central America, to mitigate the causes of irregular migration by creating jobs and opportunities.

Mexico And United State Agreed upon as the second pillar of dean he Safe tools for “future prosperity” Through the application of communication technologiesInformation and communications.

Finally, the fourth pillar is “Invest in our people“By measures To meet the needs you require Present Strategic industries; For example:

  • Comprehensive development of small, medium and micro enterprises.
  • Strengthen its trade integration in North America.
  • This is through policies that focus on digital inclusion.

United State And Mexico They plan to organize a summit on education and high technology in North America in the first quarter of 2024. To share training practicesAttracting and retaining talent in various industries.

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