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The happy relationships It can be quickly identified. There is freedom, there is trust, there is respect and honesty, there is common interests. There is also love and affection. And of course, the bizarre discussion that goes no further. But in happy couples, there is also another distinguishing feature: A few extra kilos. Or at least that’s what science says.

Who doesn’t have that boyfriend who was skinny as wire when he was single and because he’s in a relationship looks different? We can even be ourselves. he is Earn pounds when you’re in a relationshipIn addition to being natural, it is totally real.

Happier, he gained kilograms

study Southern Methodist University from Dallas Posted in PudMed In 2013, find out Being happy with a partner makes you gain weight. To reach these conclusions, the researchers analyzed 169 pairs over a four-year period. At the end of the study, couples who were happy during that time period were more They’ll probably stay together and put on more weight. Instead, the Unhappy or broken couples were less likely to be overweight.

There are several factors to justify this phenomenon. But there is a very simple way. “When someone is single, they want to show the world the best version of themselves,” says Alexandre Perez, a psychologist who specializes in couples. There is no doubt about it “Fitness when courting plays a very important role, because it is the first thing you see”, so being at the ideal weight “increases the chances of liking the other person, even though the character will come later,” which will also be crucial to the success of the relationship. “You can even lie a little bit to please and please the other person more,” Perez explains.

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Many people relax and gain weight when they are in a relationship


But When you are in a relationship, it is no longer necessary to love others physically. You are already with the person you want – in theory – and not focused on flirting with others – in theory. Your partner loves you for who you are and The body is no longer important In theory too. So this generates a relaxation Very common among people. You eat the same thing or more, and do a little exercise. these idle habitswhich may have been infected by the partner, caused the presence of a Eat more calories than required and burn: Fat. “It is completely normal,” the expert confirms.

The experts also concluded that in Unhappy couples Where the rupture is always in sight, this phenomenon usually does not occur. This is because, in a way,They are motivated to attract other people in light of the fact that their current relationship is not workingTherefore, they take care of themselves more.

Therefore, the study results indicate that A healthy and happy relationship doesn’t have to be good for health. In this sense, Andrea L. Meltzer, who led the study, believes that the best way to prevent weight gain in couples is to encourage the parties to “Think of your weight in terms of health, not appearance.”.

eye! These findings do not mean that there are no happy couples taking care of themselves physically or couples in constant crisis and putting on weight. Just Talking about directions: Every couple is a scientist.

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Another study confirms weight gain

The Maternal Overweight Study focused on the female side of the relationship. Thus, researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia followed 6,458 women for 10 years and found that women between the ages of 20 and 30, without children, had a stable relationship or were married.Gain more weight than single women. apparently relationships stable and happy made them gain nearly six kilos, 30% more than single women. Results They are also on PubMed.

On the other hand, another 2012 investigation published in obesity indicates that Living together as a couple leads to more weight gain than being single or having a relationship without living together.. In this sense, the longer a woman stays with her partner, the more likely she is to continue gaining weight. In the case of men, weight gain occurred in the first two years of living together.

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