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This Wednesday is the last time the Constitutional Conference plenary session will vote on the second report of the Committee on Knowledge Systems, and articles giving value to science and technology can be included in the new Magna Carta draft.

It is important that builders understand and appreciate the impact of knowledge generation on society, its applications through the natural and social sciences, technology and innovation, and fundamental aspects of providing solutions to problems such as pandemic, obesity, climate crisis, massive drought and food shortages, and thus face the significant challenges we face as a nation, which threaten well-being of the population.

Chile is a huge and diverse natural and cultural laboratory, with a wide range of fascinating environments, where research that contributes to economic, social and environmental development is created. Disciplines such as neuroscience, renewable energy and astronomy, with the construction of the largest telescopes on the planet, set our country as an international standard.

Scientific communication plays a fundamental role in this and its impact on people, who can access more information based on scientific evidence and thus make decisions that improve their quality of life. So, the scientific community, researchers, researchers, communicators and publishers, in all areas, have a great job.

We call for a conscientious vote, because we do not forget that a society without knowledge cannot develop or advance towards global challenges, which are increasingly complex.

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President of the Chilean Association of Journalists and Professionals for the Communication of Science

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