Scaloni won the Clásico against Brazil: We must recover quickly

coach the Argentine national team, Lionel ScaloniHe expected that there would be changes in the team he would face Brazil For the sixth date of South American qualifiers heading to world From the United States, Mexico and Canada 2026.

At a press conference, a resident of Bogato claimed to have the necessary equipment to visit “Verdeamarelha”: “I have decided to make the team but I haven’t told the players yet. Di Maria has the opportunity like the rest of his teammates. The idea is to touch the team, but not too much.”

How Argentina is preparing to play again at the Maracana Stadium against Brazil

He added: “We are among those who believe that we must always think about the present. This match has a flavor that is not enough for the player to go out prepared on the field. It is a classic match, it is Brazil, on its field.” It has a special flavor and “there is no need to remember the Copa America, a lot has happened, two and a half years, and the players are different. We think we have to focus on what is now, which is real.” Important.”

Notes Scaloni took from the defeat to Uruguay

“It’s a very special match on Thursday, against a certain opponent. You notice and score, but it’s difficult to have a team play us like that. You score because it can happen, that’s the reading we do, and we realize how ‘we’ I realized that.” “On Thursday. Even though the team did not play a good game, they did not stop believing, they kept trying and that is what keeps you calm.”

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The absence of Neymar and Vinicius in Brazil

“These great teams have substitutes, if you look at the team they say they will play, they are all players of the highest level, young, fast, with experience in important teams and of course their coach will have something ready because of the lack of numbers. It is Brazil, we know all that.” “You mean it.”

Wealth quick revenge

“We analyze why the defeat happened, we have our idea and the important thing is to grasp it quickly. We are lucky that another match will be played immediately and that is for the best. The difficult thing is to see each other after a while.” It will be much more expensive, now that we are close to revenge and that is the most important thing.

The reason for the changes according to Scaloni

“If there are changes, and there will be some changes, it will not be because of the performance. Because throughout these matches they showed me a very even performance. I will not change to play a good or bad match, but I will try.” To hurt the opponent and that the opponent does not hurt us, but we will not do that under any circumstances for the sake of the match, as this is not our characteristic and in this case it is specific, it is a decision that we will make based on the opponent we are facing.”

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