Saving Dollars: Evidence for Claiming Today to Return the 35% Withheld by AFIP During 2021

The refund request process is now available on the AFIP website

Refunds can now be requested of 35% of perceptions received between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021, as provided in General Resolution (AFIP) 4815 as well as the “Perception Recovery System” microsite.

These perceptions are those practiced for making savings dollars, purchases with credit cards and foreign currency purchases paid in pesos, obtaining services abroad through tourism agencies, and obtaining tickets abroad, among others.

This is what it looks like to enter an online AFIP form
This is what it looks like to enter an online AFIP form

Next, we separate 15 keys about return:

1) In what cases can I request a re-imagination with this procedure?

You will be able to request a refund provided:

– You are not registered in the income tax, nor does it concern you to carry out the mentioned registration.

– You are not registered with the personal property tax, and it does not concern you to carry out the said registration.

You work in a dependent relationship and are not subject to employer withholding income tax as a withholding agent.

2) In what cases is a return request not appropriate?

A return request is not appropriate in the following cases:

When you have an active registration for income tax and/or personal property tax.

– when, in the receiving period, you have suffered income tax withholding for your employment in a dependency relationship or income from retirement and pensions.

When should you register for income tax?

3) What do I need to request a return?

You must meet the following requirements.

– cooked mode

– Have a tax code of level 2 or higher

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– Inform the AFIP of the CBU where the funds will be deposited through the “CBU Permit” service.

– To have formed the electronic tax domicile

4) Do I have to perform a refund action for the entire year of 2021 or one for each month of the year 2021 where I received visualizations?

The refund procedure is specific to each month you received visualizations.

That is, if you receive visualizations in 12 months of 2021 and want to request a refund for all visualizations, you will have to submit 12 refund requests, one for each month.

5) Where can I refer to the perceptions they made of me?

You can check the visualizations that have been made for you through the “My Deductions” service, which you can access through the tax code.

6) Is it necessary for me to have vouchers for receipts or is it sufficient for me to be notified in my “withholding amounts”?

You have an obligation to keep proof of earnings such as invoices, bank statements, credit card statements, transportation tickets, etc.

7) Do I have to load all the visualizations manually?

When you enter the AFIP Perceptions Recovery service, you will find the preloaded visualizations that were exercised on you in 2021 that Perception Agents reported to AFIP using your CUIT.

You will be able to manually upload visualizations that have been exercised on you and that were not previously uploaded.

In these cases, AFIP will likely later ask you to provide receipts for payments, inspect the collection agent and delay the refund process.

8) In what cases will AFIP carry out specific inspection tasks to determine if a refund should be made?

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The refund request is transferred to the inspection area in the following cases:

9) Is it appropriate to request the return of profits that were not reported in the “My Deductions” service?

Our recommendation, before requesting the return of unreported earnings in My Withholding, you should evaluate the appropriateness of doing so.

This is because, as we have indicated, the recovery request will go to the inspection area and this will have to verify that the combination has already been made.

If this is the case, the process will be delayed.

Thus, in cases where visualizations that do not appear in the “My Deductibles” service are not important, it may be appropriate not to include them in the return order.

10) How can I proceed with the process?

Once you submit your redemption request, you will be able to follow it through to its completion, through the Earnings Redemption service.

11) What controls will AFIP implement?

Approval or refusal is subject to regulatory oversight or subsequent checks by AFIP.

For example, it will analyze the income that you have justified (salaries, one-time bills, etc.) and the expenses you have made that are recorded in their systems through various information systems as well as the electronic invoices they have issued to you. .

In the event that controls or subsequent checks are not passed, AFIP will notify you of the situation through your electronic tax address and the application will be deemed inadmissible.

12) What is the term defined by the resolution for the return process?

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Public Resolution (AFIP) 4815 does not specify a deadline for this process.

Thus, by the supplementary application of Administrative Procedure Law No. 19549, the duration is 60 administrative working days.

AFIP must analyze each particular case. Those requests that must be referred to the inspection area will require a longer period to be resolved.

The experience of 2020 was that AFIP only started performing returns about 8 months after they were requested.

13) What do I do if AFIP rejects my return request?

In the event that the AFIP rejects the refund request, you will be able to file an appeal with the Director General of the General Tax Administration provided for in Art. 74 of the regulatory decree of Law 11.683.

14) How will I collect the submissions that I have requested to return?

Once the procedure is approved, the AFIP will credit the funds into the CBU that you have reported through the “CBU Declaration” service.

15) Can I request a visualization of PAIS tax of 30% and RG tax (AFIP) 4815 of 35%?

You can only request a 35% re-imagining of General Resolution (AFIP) 4815.

Perception of the 30% PAIS tax is not subject to refund, it is an expense.

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