Samsung’s new remote control to recharge TV via Wi-Fi

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When the company decides to participate in a Massive scam Which is based on creating an artificial scarcity of works of art must be said, but when it is so company tieReally new idea Cool, it also has to be said, and the Samsung Eco Remote is a great idea.

At CES 2021, Samsung unveiled an environmentally friendly solar-powered remote control to recharge its internal battery. This year the company has improved this idea with a new version of the Eco remote control that converts the waves emitted by the router into energy.

These waves are usually too weak to be able to power anything other than a very low wattage device. consumption, but it turns out that the remote control falls exactly into this category. It’s not used much, and most of the time it’s idle, which gives you plenty of room to gather energy for recharging.

Harnessing radio waves from a router is by no means a new idea, but this technology rarely makes its way into commercial devices. In fact, the Samsung Eco Remote is not only based on this system. It also inherits the solar charging system from the previous version so that it can be charged using multiple power sources so the “batteries” never run out. In the worst case, the console also has a USB-C port for conventional charging If we lived in an underground bunker without wifi.

According to Samsung, the use of these alternative charging systems is in its controls It can save 99 million batteries over seven years, which is the average life of a TV. Removing charging systems and as far as controls are concernedThe Eco Remote is a fairly traditional remote control. There is a buttonIt’s for the major streaming services and the basic controls you can expect on a device with these characteristics. Samsung will be adding this new remote control to all 2022 TVs, so helping protect the environment doesn’t require paying extra money.

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