Messi is wearing flip-flops, and Coty is wearing a tailcoat

Messi can play Miami style, wearing a colorful shirt and an umbrella under his arm. But suddenly he absorbs the ball, caresses it with his left foot, puts it in the post and settles the matter, and reminds us of the match against Uruguay, which also opened with a free kick. This brings back memories of Mexico in Qatar, Iran in Brazil, and Ecuador in the last date of the World Cup qualifiers in Russia, and the many times he found the key when all the doors seemed closed.

The people who filled the monument took in this new pearl, but it wasn’t the only thing. He also left with eyes full of Christian “Coty” Romero, the absolute best player on the field, and proved that in an extraordinary moment. He scores, scores, always arrives on time, puts his heart into a few crosses and deservedly gets three or four claps, because in addition to everything he had two excellent games in attack.

People were unable to receive a goal from Lautaro Martinez, who performed well. The stick prevented him from showing his best in the area. Nor can we score a goal that culminates in a great play, because there was a goal from Messi who sent the ball very close, and there was another from Tagliafico that touched the crossbar, and a goal in the end was more beautiful than that. Everyone except Galindez blocked the final shot against DePaul.

The other thing people took away was the feeling of celebration at the end, because instead of going back to pinning the score 1-0 on the crossbar, they defended the ball and went on to go for the well-deserved second goal.

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People took a little bit of everything, plus the three points in their first playoff game against an opponent that would be tough for anyone.

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