Denmark is bringing forward the date of retirement of its F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters

As part of an initiative to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine, the Danish government has confirmed that training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter-bombers has begun. The Associated Press confirmed it Copenhagen has moved forward the Falcon’s retirement date, from 2027 to 2025.

Lund Poulsen, the Danish Minister of Defense, confirmed that the government “… take a step to start training and retraining of Ukrainian pilots … We will also consider whether and how many Danish F-16s should be donated to Ukraine …”. The head of the bag confirmed that the training of the Ukrainian crews will extend from 6 to 8 months, and therefore the possible donation of combat bombers will not be determined immediately.

And according to the Associated Press, Lund Poulsen added that as well “… This does not mean that a decision cannot be made in advance. But (the F-16s) will be in Denmark until 2024 … ”.

Denmark’s F-16s have been gaining traction in recent weeks, on every level. Internationally, given the possibility that the fighter-bombers could be part of a possible transfer to Ukraine, jointly with other countries and with the permission of the United States.

At the regional level, a few days ago we published the US State Department’s decision on the possible permanent transfer of up to 36 Danish F-16 Block 10/15 aircraft to Colombia. The congressional notification published in the Summary of Activities (May 22-26) of the Committee on Foreign Affairs reads as follows: CN – State Department RSAT 22-8784. The transaction described in the attached certificate includes the permanent transfer of up to six F-16 Block 10 Fighter Aircraft and up to 30 Block 15 Fighter Aircraft, support equipment and technical/maintenance data from the Government of Denmark To the Government of Columbia Air Force. This transfer is consistent with the security assistance objectives of the United States.”

Finally, at the local level. For months, it has been known that the Argentine Air Force is in negotiations with the United States and Denmark to acquire Danish F-16 MLU aircraft. The talks included sending the FAA committee to Denmark, with a joint US-Danish visit assessing various technical and bureaucratic aspects. The latest news on the matter indicated that the US government is awaiting a decision in order to get the green light and guarantee the aircraft, its logistics package and weapons.

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With the news coming out of Denmark, the Danish F-16’s narrative continues to add chapters in anticipation of what will be (or will be) their next destination.

Cover photo: Flyvevåbnet.

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