Once again, CGT actually split, and now in agreement with the International Monetary Fund as an excuse

The picture that best explains the break in fact is that CGT’s “small table” has met this week on two occasions – and in different versions – without the involvement of Pablo Moyano and his allies, and at the guild headquarters outside the building. From the factory, in Azopardo 802. This means that while the organization achieved an unprecedented reunification last November, its two main candidates had to face each other in two meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday at the UPCN state union and at the builders’ union, Uocra, respectively.

So far, neither the “fat men” of the large service unions, in alliance with the “independents” who have good ties with all governments and other less important sectors, nor the space led by Hugo Moyano, has mentioned a formal rupture. But neither side has expressed great concern about a potential rift in the medium term. In fact, tandem Hector Dyer And the Carlos Acuna Works on one side and space Truck drivers next to the mechanic Mario Manrique (Samata) on the other hand.

At Azopardo Moyano, he settled in an office on the third floor assigned to the Secretariat and Manrique did the same in the Guild office. His only link with the world of minerals Antonio Callo, in charge of the interior in the CGT with whom they began coordinating trips to the provinces to normalize the new behaviors in mirror of those agreed in November at the national level. For the truck driver, it is a matter of resuming the travel dynamic and the relationships he developed during his previous time at the factory, which even led him to violent clashes with Francisco “Bird” GutierrezThe mineralogist, who was then in charge of the interior.

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There are other signs of premature exhaustion for the current incarnation of CGT. The board’s WhatsApp group has added dozens of members since Congress convened to renew powers last November, but its work has been limited to sharing parish notifications, calendars, union founding dates and obituaries of leaders from across the country. country. So much so that Moyano, Manrique and others from the same sector chose not to participate in it.

The break was revealed this week when Dyer and Acuña went to Congress, at the request of Alberto Fernandez, to defend the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Moyano, who was due to attend, missed without warning. They argued in their environment that the government had never notified their sector of the content of the agreement with the authority and, therefore, did not see it as feasible to publicly agree to an understanding of which they were not aware. As the days passed, as soon as the text of the agreement was made public, the space around the truck driver claimed responsibility for the error, particularly when it became known that the executive had promised to analyze Pension reform Previously Amending utility rates above the 20% originally announced for this year.

This week’s “small table” meetings were mainly about the lack of internal dialogue. Far from creating a bridge with the Moyano sector, the conclusion was to strengthen the institutionalization of CGT. In simple words, this implies that this space, the minority with respect to “fats”, “independents” and their allies, must acquiesce in the agenda agreed upon by the majority or resign to continue discussions on the sidelines of discussions.

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Monday’s first talk was at UPCN with Daer, Acuña, Andrés Rodríguez, Armando Cavalieri (trade), José Luis Lingeri (health business), Luis Barrionuevo (gastronomy), Antonio Calo, Sergio Romero (teachers, UDA), Ruben Pronotti ( Uocra), Carlos Frigrio (breweries) and Jorge Sola (insurance employees). The second, in Uocra, brought together the same heroes this Wednesday with Victor Santa Maria (building managers), Rodolfo Dier (food), Norberto de Prospero (legislative staff), Noé Ruiz (models), Raul Quiñones (tobacco), Julio Piomato (judicial). ) and Miguel Paniagua (Public Presentations).

Pablo Moyano was blamed in two meetings for managing his agenda, without consulting the board of directors, and without consensus on central political positions. Specifically, after a long series of disagreements, they reprimanded him for not going to Congress to defend the agreement with the International Monetary Fund at the request of the head of state. As Ámbito Financiero reported this week, Hugo Moyano’s eldest son was coming from a standoff with the Ministers of Labour, Claudio Morrone, and of Health, Carla Vizzotti, in order to end the Coronavirus being considered an occupational disease.

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