RTVE provides a good exit for Arsenio Canada as sporting director

Spanish radio and television have accelerated their communication mechanism to launder the image of the resigned Arsenio Canada, who leaves the sports headquarters of the public institution after three years ultimately marked by the publicity enjoyed by Alganso during the World Cup in Qatar without a contract. Approval of the agreement.

It must be remembered that Canada, who was on leave at the time of his resignation and until the 4th of this month, is directly responsible for the declaration agreement even though it was closed by his right-hand man, Javier Grima, who in this case was dismissed from the position of deputy. Sports Director and Telesport Director.

Flawed argument

It has been clarified from RTVE that Arsenio is leaving Canada voluntarily Sports section To return to San Cugat, the National Commission for Markets and Competition has filed a case over the allegedly irregular advertising that was revealed. Elcierredigital.com And that his farewell was due to the discomfort caused by the lack of support provided to him by the head of the house, Elena Sanchez.

It has been clarified from RTVE that Arsenio is leaving Canada voluntarily Sports section To return to San Cugat

The fact is that the internal investigation ordered by the RTVE Board of Directors indicates that “the legal procedures applicable in general and for any acquisition or supply are regulated by Standard 2/2013, on Contracts, which regulates the processes to be used in CRTVE for contracting and carrying out other legal transactions, as well as To manage its property and fixed assets.

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The report has been revealed

The report revealed by Público states that RTVE did not use “these measures to formalize the offer made by El Ganso for a sporting tie to the World Cup in Qatar.” The investigation concluded that “Dr. Arsenio Cañada and Mr. Francisco Javier Grima did not apply the procedure provided for in Rule 2/2013, regarding contracting, warehouses or fixed assets of CRTVE, to provide clothing to displaced employees in the process of covering the broadcast of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 by concluding an oral agreement with Alganso.

In recent days, many media outlets have taken up arguments in favor of Canada, ignoring that in the sports field of RTVE an audit of Teledeporte was boycotted, as reported by the Board of Directors, and that the psychosocial evaluation that was carried out in the region shows that more than 75% of workers They reject the work of Canada and Grima.

In recent days, many media outlets have reported on pro-Canada arguments

The latter rarely finds its defenders on state radio and television because, as internal sources explain, “He was responsible for formalizing the agreement with Gansu verbally” and in the past he has been accused of acting in a disloyal manner.

In 2014, the then president of RTVE, Leopoldo González Echenique, denounced in connection with the MotoGP World Championship that Grima “went into the competition (Movistar Plus+) knowing the negotiating power and economic bidding ability that RTVE had, so it would have an advantage.” When bidding on various sports rights.

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Relief for Elena Sanchez

The departure of Arsenio Cañada represents a relief for Elena Sánchez, who a few months ago made clear her annoyance with the Catalan journalist: “Sometimes, we professionals must take a step aside to facilitate the clarification of the investigations into everything that happened and preserve the dignity and credibility of journalism.” Company, all without limiting the presumption of innocence,” he admitted before Congress.

The Board of Directors admitted that they tried to remove him, but his colleagues on the Board of Directors avoided that. “I believed it was necessary for the proper functioning of the company to bring about a change in the senior management team, which, in my view, was urgent. When I raised it with the council members, I was convinced that I had not obtained their approval even for its mere proposal.”

Rosanna Romero relieves Arsenio Cañada

From this moment on, Rosana Romero will be responsible for coordinating all sports information for RTVE on TV, radio and web, as the public revealed a few days ago. The journalist will have her right-hand man, Carles Gonzalez, director of the RTVE Institute until now.

From this moment on, Rosanna Romero will be responsible for coordinating all sports information for RTVE on TV, radio and web.

Romero holds a degree in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and has been associated with RTVE for 26 years. She was head of sports for TVE’s news programs for four years (2010-2014) and was sports editor for Telediario Fin de Semana (September 2019-May 2021).

Throughout his career, he covered five Olympic Games, three World Cups, a European Championship, and for many years he played the tennis circuit following tennis players such as Rafa Nadal or Carlos Alcaraz. He also provided regional news for Madrid for more than six years, between December 2014 and May 2021. From that date until today he has worked in the editorial office of Telediario Fin de Semana.

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