In an unusual finding, Uber drivers will make fewer left turns

Turning left is much more dangerous and expensive From what he thinks. Uberwhich already have enough problems with the image, Fears that its drivers are more vulnerable chowho – which to turn left, so he looked for an unconventional solution. from now on , The app’s navigation system will recommend fewer turns for this aspectWith the aim of avoiding accidents affecting passengers, drivers and their private reputation.

Are left turns that dangerous? According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data cited by Uber, 22% of accidents involve a vehicle turning left at an intersection. The solution to implement the transfer was simple: The fewer left turns, the fewer crashes.

The modifications to the navigation system are expected to be “minor”, with little impact on travel time, but The ultimate goal of the modifications is to make the experience less stressful for drivers.

In this sense, Uber found it Intersections have also proven to be a problem for Uber drivers, so the company adds a visual alert in the app’s navigation when drivers approach an intersection without a four-stop. The alert will warn them to “watch for cross traffic,” for example.

The hidden benefit of not turning left

The no-turn policy is not limited to Uber. The UPS Postal has always had this policy, strictly. Although the logic Means longer trips, and avoiding those turns saves fuel. How? Turning left can mean waiting for an interruption to the flow of oncoming traffic, wasting gas.

This works wonders for UPS, whose primary goal is to Deliver all parcels and reduce the total cost. This cost has many variables: fuel used, elapsed time, mileage, number of drivers required, or even wear and tear in delivery trucks. These are all costs of using the fleet to make deliveries.

UPS has evaluated thousands of factors to establish the No Left Turn Policy

Which of these factors is more important? The no-turn policy indicates that The cost of gasoline is what matters most to UPS. aAlthough this suggests greater effectiveness, it can sometimes be silly. As shown MintAnd the The ban remains mandatory even when turning left. can mean Make three right turns followed by a right turn. The mileage of this maneuver adds and will undoubtedly exceed the equivalent of a simple left turn. During multiple shifts, across the entire UPS fleet, even a single day of package delivery can add up to tens of thousands of extra miles.

However, UPS claims that in the United States, Don’t make those turns Through oncoming traffic, which means no waiting for a gap in trafficsaves about 35 million liters of fuel annually. This is with investigation Additional 350,000 packages delivered annually. This increased efficiency in parcel delivery means that UPS has been able to 1100 trucks reduced from its fleet. So, while every left turn makes every delivery lane longer, the UPS fleet in the United States as a whole, in fact Driving around 50 million kilometers less per year.

So, Uber won’t just prevent accidents with its new policy.

Other Uber Uses

Uber too In-vehicle monitoring will double As a means of making drivers and passengers behave properly. The company is expanding its audio recording pilot program to more cities and is also introducing video recording.

The theory is that most Uber drivers are already using dashcams to record their rides as a way to catch any unsafe behavior, he reported. the edge. Now, Uber is offering them a cheaper and easier way by updating their driver app to Includes video recording function.

Uber will introduce a number of new features

Just like an audio recording, a . fileThe video files will only be encrypted and stored on the user’s phone. Drivers can attach video files to the safety reports they send to Uber, which are then viewed by trained safety officials.

Finally, the company implements audit to remove fake usernames, Especially those who use abusive language. Accounts using fake names will remain locked until users verify their account names.

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