Rommel Kyoto puts his resentment aside and reconciles with his father in Roatan

Roatan, Honduras.

Rommel Kyoto He puts aside the resentment he felt and uses his well-deserved vacation in Roatán to reconnect with his father, Don Martin, and thus be able to reconcile after being separated for many years.

The Honduran soccer player was vacationing on the island for a few days after the season he played for Canadian soccer club Montreal in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

“El Romático” enjoyed the beauty of Roatán to the fullest and took the time to find and visit his father who lives on this island for the first time.

The photo that Rommel Kyoto posted on his Instagram account with his father.

“Today was a very beautiful day for me because God said to me, ‘Get up and go see your father, you can’t live with a grudge in your heart all the time. “My mother whom I love so much and who has always been there for me too pushed me to be able to take this important step in my life. The best is yet to come, everything will be fine,” Catracho wrote forward on his Instagram.

It should be remembered that Don Martin went to HCH in February of this year to try to communicate with his son Rommel Kyoto. The player did not want to know anything about his father at the time.

“What I want is for us to meet and for both of us to forgive each other. I hope he forgives me and I forgive him. I want to make a pact between us, I want to be close to you because I don’t know when I can die. I’m 67 years old and tired of pressure”, were the words of the father The scorer.

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“In this life we ​​are not perfect. If I could see him from the front I would have said to him, ‘Son, what shall I do so that you forgive me all the bad things I have done to you, for I have not been a good father?’ But as I was a footballer, I was born crowned because I was Also a football player. I had the opportunity to play in Marathon, Platense and Vida, but because of the little they paid better, you came to work on the island of La Bahia, but you were born with such wealth,” Don Martin added on the TV channel.

Quioto’s father commented that he is not looking for his son for money now because he is a famous footballer. “It is true that I am poor, but my pills do not let me down. In this epidemic I was able to get six months of work. Not because of money, but because I want to feel his affection and love.”

The news spread on social media and Rommel Samir responded to his father’s live broadcast: “I never missed him, I never lived with him, I was young when he left the house. He never kindly helped me, not even advice. Since when and now if you want to come and talk to me?” I am now 29. How many years did I leave his house when he ran me?”

Rommel Koyoto's emotional Instagram message when he talks about his reunion with his father.

The emotional message from Romell Quioto on his Instagram when he talks about his reunion with his father.

“I forgive him, I have no resentment or grudge. He is in your life,” Kyoto added, to which his father replied, “Thank you, son. Today after you set me I will be able to sleep in peace because my heart is already empty of what I was wearing. Thank you Rommel for your forgiveness. If you want to contact me, you have my phone number.”

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Now the Honduran national team striker is involved with his father. “If you really want God’s blessing in your life, you should rely on God’s wisdom and not on what your feelings say or what your instincts say. Quioto posted on his social networks, “Trust in the Lord and not in your own understanding.”

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