For Honor will be showing its first season very soon: Meet Frozen Shores

December will be full of content and many rewards, and the game will receive its next hero in January.

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for honor It will close strongly in 2021, because the fourth season of the fifth year, frozen beachesIt will be available from December 9. From this day until December 30, the community will be able to participate in a special event called Frostwind Celebrations. With the free Battle Pass, players will be able to get various rewards, such as emotes, outfits, and decorations.

The next For Honor Champion will arrive on January 27If you prefer to take an extra step, there is also a Battle Pass with premium content available, which you can get 10 bucks (about 8.84 euros). In addition to the previously mentioned rewards, you will get new combat suits, decorations, executions, platforms, and effects.

In addition to rewards, the new season will add improvements to Shinobi, that’s after test yards The community enjoyed it last season. Another stage of Battlegrounds will arrive December 30It will be available until January 6th. This time, the focus will be on Dominion and Conqueror game modes.

Finally, next January 27, update address 2 will bring a file new hero a For Honor, plus new rewards and experiences available for a limited time. Covenant games are back, where you can play the Carousel of Horkos mode, and of course get some goodies in the process, like fighting suits and decorations. Black Prior’s Riposte will also return, and it will also arrive with some collectibles.

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Several years later, Ubisoft continues to care for the loyal community that enjoys For Honor. The studio recently hosted the former Chief Designer of Battlefield 2042Fawzy Mesmar who will work as Deputy Editor-in-Chief And sharing his creative vision with production teams.

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