Restaurants in Germany offer jobs for chefs from Tamaulipas Grupo Milenio

the chefs specialized in Tamaulipas You have the opportunity to work in this profession outside the state and even Mexicoupon receipt of the offer from the restaurants in Germany To work in said business, when issuing a call inside Program for the transfer of workers abroad.

European nation in coordination with National Employment Service (SNE) About gastronomic tour options aimed at food processors, with payroll that proceed from 30 thousand to 55 thousand pesos per monthEven without the need for experience.

Within the information displayed on the Employment Portal, male and female chefs are sought for in different restaurants and hotels in different regions of Germany. Your knowledge should be geared towards international, German, Italian and/or American food.

“The applicant must master all basic knowledge of international cuisine, such as basic sauces and appetizers. It is also desirable to have basic knowledge of meat, fish and shellfish. If selected, the candidate must take a company-paid German language course to cover B2 level in German before travel. “explained.

According to the Tamaulipas Minister of LaborOver the past months, the number of people who have met the requirements of companies in United State And Canada To work in the fields and in the fish and shellfish processing plants, as well as 58 nurses ready to make the journey to German soil.

The above referred to Its owner is Olga Sosa Ruizwill continue over the following months, when contacted from the same nationwide Employment Service office with a large number of vacancies available outside the country, as well as with deal offers destined for New Zealand.

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