The first meeting of Yoga and Wellness Tapalqué 2023

Tapalqué is a unique city for achieving the highly sought after Zen state. Its tree-lined streets, wide spaces, and waterfront. That little nook where you can simply sit back and watch the sunset and feel again the life and energy to keep going.

The city is an invitation to combat stress and relax to feel better about yourself.

A sense of relaxation is in the air and in the city itself: LED lights for street lighting, compost bin delivery for garbage recycling, waste management, seed distribution to citizens to develop their home gardens, annual projects for urban and environmental afforestation and trees, the education found at every grassroots event are just some of the tools that The municipality uses them to improve the quality of life day by day. Over the years, the city has emerged as a place to enjoy the luxury that the body enjoys when surrounded by a pleasant climate.

All this is reflected when you visit this place that undoubtedly “falls in love”. Tourists, who come in search of greenery, a place to drink a buddy and eat delicious food, parks and museums, can tour the city on an electric bus from the municipality – one of the first to operate in the province of Buenos Aires.

Within this framework, the “First Free and Free Meeting of Yoga and Well-Being” will take place on June 17 at the Association of Mutual Aid “XX de Septiembre Tapalqué” (Av. San Martín No. 52). It is scheduled to start at 10 am with a short introduction which will include an approach to the history of yoga. Throughout the day there will be exchanges, asana practices, meditation, yoga nidra and sound travel among others. The activities planned by the municipality will be in charge of Professors Piqui Lobo and Sofia Baldomero.

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A previous registration is necessary or contact the Tapalqué Tourist Office 2281-594553

Teachers @piqui80 and @sofi.baldomiro

About tapalque

On the way to Ezeiza, following the national road 205 to turn, another kilometer, by means of RP 51, you will reach the beautiful town of Tapalqué, chief of the party of the same name and kingdom famous for its famous black cake that many Argentines have. Bring your date or a latte. It is located 273 km from Caba, in the heart of Buenos Aires, where the invitation is to enjoy the expanse of the pampas, benefit from the freshness of the stream on which the Municipal Spa runs, the covered swimming pool, the delicious local food, and much more.

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