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Director’s profession James Cameron Full of hits, the sci-fi story set on Pandora is clearly its biggest commercial triumph. Two of them appear in the top three on our list of the highest-grossing films of all time and there’s no indication that something similar won’t happen with “Avatar 3.” Of course, the reception of the latter depends on whether he will receive it again later “avatar 4”.

“Avatar 4” clearly has a niche Featured position in the Disney releases calendarAlthough this did not prevent the postponement of its release date until the distant 2029. Now it’s time to review everything that is known about it, which may not be as much as we would like, but this article was born as a compilation in which all the news in the casting, filming and other departments that are announced about this long-awaited sequel are included.

When does “Avatar 4” hit theaters?

One data we’ve already confirmed in the absence of Disney’s decision to push it back yet again: the exclusive theatrical release date of ‘Avatar 4’ in December 21, 2029.

the date

Cameron and producer Jon Landau have already given us several clues about “Avatar 4,” the main one being that there will be between the third and fourth installments. Big leapwhich would lead to the fact that Jake and Neytiri’s children are already adults in the released film.

We already know that The villain from the fourth installment will be the same From the previous three, Cameron seems determined to get the most out of the character of Miles Quaritch, presenting several versions of him.

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What will the new movie in the “Avatar” saga be called?

One thing that became clear to us with Avatar: The Sense of Water is that Cameron isn’t going to be content with putting 2, 3, or 4 behind the title of sequels. That brings us to a leak event at the end of 2018, in which the titles for the sequel were revealed and the title for the second installment was accepted. This will result in a fourth title finally “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider”But it is not official.

Actors and heroes of the movie “Avatar 4”

The lead role for Avatar 4 will once again fall to Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña, who will play the characters Jake and Neytiri here for the fourth time. In addition, it is also confirmed that Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Cliff Curtis, CCH pounder And Jack is a hero, leaving the continuity of the other interpreters seen in the first and second installments up in the air. This is the third time it has been announced that David Thewlis will give life to Navi, who will also appear in the series “avatar 5”.

Obviously, there’s still a great deal of secrecy surrounding the cast of “Avatar 4,” but it’s common knowledge that… One of the greatest novelties in the cast It would be Una Chaplin, the Spanish actress who can be seen suffering the consequences of the tragic Red Wedding in ‘Game of Thrones’.

Trailers, photos and posters

Filming Avatar 4 like this We still don’t have any pictures of the movie. Plus, this bit is likely to be delayed, as Cameron has made it clear that he wants to make another movie out of the saga at hand when everything is to his liking in the third installment. Of course, it seems that some of the scenes of the fourth part have already been filmed, certainly those scenes in which the children of the protagonists are still teenagers.

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