Prestigious Booker Prize announced, with Claudia Pinheiro nominated to win it

Claudia Pinheiro with “Elena Sabe” and her English version

The entry for the Booker Prize website reads in large letters, “The countdown is on!” At 5:45 PM (Argentine time), the awards ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Six titles form part of this “shortlist” vying for this prestigious award for the best novel translated into English in the past two years.

The list of finalists includes six languages: Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi and Polish. Original works of literature that will captivate readers, this year’s anthology explores trauma, both on an individual and societal level.

Among these finalists are an Argentine: Claudia Pinheiro With Elaine knowsoriginally published 2006 but edited in English by Charco Press and translated by Francis Riddell How do Elena knows In June 2021. The website says: “A unique story that combines crime novels with intimate tales of morality and the pursuit of individual freedom.”

Olga Tokarczuk (Image: Getty Images)
Olga Tokarczuk (Image: Getty Images)

This book competes Cursed rabbit from South Korea Bora Chung Translated by Anton HorAnd New name: Sixth and Seventh Physiologies from norwegian John Foss with subtitles Damion Sears s sky from the Japanese Miku Kawakami Translated by David Boyd s Sam Pete duet

also with sand tomb from India Shri Geetanjali Translated by Daisy Rockwell s Jacob’s books Polish winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Olga Tokarczuk which was translated by Jennifer Croft.

“These six titles in six languages ​​explore the limits and limits of human experience, whether poignant and surreal, poignant and subtle, or lush and whimsical. In their differences, they offer glimpses of literature from around the world, yet they share a fierce and impressive originality that attests to the endless creativity of the imagination,” Said the head of the jury, the translator Frank Win.

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The so-called “shortlist” was chosen by a jury also made up of the author and the academic happy birthday; Writer and lawyer Bettina Gabba; Writer, comedian and host Fifi Groscope; Translator and author Jeremy Tian. This is the first time that a translator has headed this body. 135 books were considered, and a record number of presentations were received.

Bora Chung and Miku Kawakami (Booker Prize site)
Bora Chung and Miku Kawakami (Booker Prize site)

Argentina competes with this police mystery: the novel It begins with the appearance of a lifeless woman, Rita, at the church she has been to. The investigation is closed and his mother does not give up on explaining the crime. The translator, who if awarded the novel would share the recognition, is Francis Riddell, is a native of Houston, Texas, and a resident of Buenos Aires. Among the Argentine authors he translated Leila Guerrero, Gabriella Cabezon Camara, Martin-Philippe Castagnet s Karla Malindi.

at Elaine knows The author shows, in the fine line that runs from the suburbs to the capital, how authoritarianism and hypocrisy operate in society. It won the 2010 LiBeraturpreis Award for Best Novel Written by a Woman. “Elaine knows It is of very special value because it abounds with themes rarely frequented by the literary genre and in general with the densest and darkest literature, with no other splash of humor than that of satire.” Horacio Otegi Rivera at cultures.

After announcing the novel’s “longlisting” for Booker International 2022, Netflix announced the release of an audiovisual adaptation, with a series directed by Anahi Berneri And as a product Vanessa Rajon.

Jon Voss and Gitanjali Shri (Booker Web Award)
Jon Voss and Gitanjali Shri (Booker Web Award)

Charco Press, the poster that led to Elaine knows For English-speaking readers (translation is supported by the South Program), it is a reference. In the same year he was born, 2016, he published five novels by Argentine authors. The lead reader and editor behind Charco is Caroline Orloff, who has lived in the UK for 20 years. “The fact that three of our books have made it to the longlist in just five years, and two to the shortlist, are all Argentinian literature, is an indication that the Anglo-Saxon reader is changing, and also that Charco Press is here to stay,” said Orloff enthusiastically.

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