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personalized designs Shazz Projecta new game from the developers of the popular video game for PlayStation Portable released in 2010, God eaterwas widely commented online, with some saying that the character’s composition matched illustrations from previously published video games.

On May 25, 2022, TVT (Tokyo Virtual Theory)The company behind the project has officially apologized for production problems with the character illustrations and for the fact that the rumors were officially confirmed with evidence. “Shazz ProjectIt is a multiplayer action video game developed by TVT (Tokyo Virtual Theory)which was officially revealed in a press release published on May 24, confirming that it has the same development team as God eater.

At the bottom of the seven illustrations of the characters, notes are left “design development“yes”The project is open to suggestions“. On the same day, the Chinese painter “薬 鍋” introduced one of the characters, writing on Twitter: “Why does Project Shaz copy my designs?». It is said that one of the illustrations of the character is similar to the one I created”薬 鍋 鍋For the video game Frontline for dolls.

Other illustrations of characters that were similar to the illustrations and images found on the Internet were also noted, such as “Isn’t this straight plagiarism?». Thus, on January 25, the company TVT (Tokyo Virtual Theory) Posted on her official page under the responsibility of the actor Toshiyuki Yasuidocument entitled “Apology and report for the Shaz Character Design project».

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Illustrations created by Rin KususagaWho worked in video games lord of scarlet s Fate/Grand Medal. According to a press release for TVT (Tokyo Virtual Theory)the indicated illustrations were created using the following techniques:

  • Designs are usually made from scratch, but This time, a rough image was created using the photobash method of cutting and pasting and refining from reference images to explore the design direction using the planners as internal documentation.. In the process, body lines, including asanas, were used, as they were in the reference model.

Then, the statement notes that the production method using unauthorized images, even if they are internal documents, was not appropriate. As for how the internal material is published to the public (That is, why the design was disclosed in the project disclosure statement), it was clarified that the decision had not been consulted with the assigned photographer and erroneously believed the designs had been completed.

source: Hey ho! news

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