Population reactions a year after encountering MIR

Remember moments of stress and recall the feelings involved Preparing for an exam like MIR is not an easy task For those who took the exam just one year ago. 365 days later, feelings are mixed. Some are success stories that, in retrospect, managed to be exactly where they wanted them to be They sell their souls to the devil. So that everything remains the same. Others have chosen a path that may be more complicated, “start again”this time to gain more momentum and reach the goal.

What did MIR give me after a year? Basically, serenity and thinking of me.” That was how he responded Esther Iniesta, from Madrid and graduated in medicine in Albacete when looking back a year ago. In his case, and he is not the only one, about 365 days ago he finished his first MIR exam, but when he did not get the desired position in his stellar major, PediatricsHe decided Try again in 2023.

“On a personal level, it has allowed me to change in many aspects that apply not only to the academic field. I have learned to deal with things More serenityTrust me, and don’t care what other people might think or say. After all, it is an exam and We should not give more importance From which you have I hope in a year I will be able to say that on a professional level he gave me a lot of good and Be happy with the box you chooseEsther says.

2022 MIR was a start A very special stage In the lives of new residents, it is not new anymore, because they were learning Advantages and challenges of specialization that they chose at that time. The residence stage is, in cases like the case Paul Nicholas“a Radical changewho gave him “a lot of good things.” A native of Seville and intensive caregiver by profession, a year later he is doing a residency Intensive medicine in BarcelonaHospital in Val d’Ebron.

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“The residency has given me the opportunity to learn a job that I am passionate about. I was able to surround myself with a wonderful group of people, from many parts of Spain, and we managed to create a group of fun and spontaneous people, for me the residency One of the best times of my lifePablo explains, but also makes it clear that “working conditions are not good or fair at all.”

MIR witnessed the lives of residents a year ago

Dreams have also come true Joel DomainR1 from Family and community medicine at the University Hospital of San Agustín de Avilés and at the Health Center Piedrasblancas-Castrellón, Asturias. For this Catalan, preparing for the exam meant “Race to the bottom” But when he thinks of what it was like a year ago and what he’s accomplished now, he’s happy.

“It was clear to me years ago that I wanted to specialize in family and community medicine, and I knew from the training I had in the profession that it was my goal to achieve it. I feel greatly privileged To make my dream come true and to own it,” he explains.

to JCLHis path was quite clear. he R1 Endocrinology and Nutrition In Madrid, you are sure to learn to specialize “more complete” That it could exist, and I’ve known it for a long time.

Myself a year ago I would sell my soul to the devil to be where I am now. The truth is, I didn’t have a realistic alternative, and I didn’t want to repeat MIR because I saw myself as unable to go through something Shocking And if he didn’t give me my number, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. A year later, I think if I didn’t get in, I would have repeated the MIR, because I can’t see myself doing anything else. Can you imagine after six years of study and opposition, doing something that doesn’t make you happy? I don’t go there, that’s all before I leave Spainsays R1.

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“My self a year ago I would sell my soul to the devil to be where I am now”

MIR applicants see that their mental health has been affected

When Esther was making her first call a year ago, His mental health was affected. “I didn’t know how to handle it well. Seeing that Percentages did not improve And although it was getting worse, comparing myself to my classmates meant I couldn’t study as well as I should, and I was so afraid of doing it wrong I was piling on more and more pressure,” he recalls.

In fact, already on the last lap of preparation in practice Stop asking questions And it cost him “a lot” to be able to keep up with the rhythm of study.

In addition to mental health, MIR left at comment Many aspects of the lives of opponents such as Joel, who in his case had to go back in time, live with his family again and adapt to the rules of the house. However, the fact that some of your friends and colleagues are in the same situation He helped me acclimatize him and make him relativ. We all had the same fears, doubts, and fears and it helps us feel some relief and focus in a certain way.”

Go to stage or back, MIR final decision

Almost a year ago, I faced the MIR for 2022 the last decision: Choose a place and start the residency phase or prepare for the exam again. Pablo’s case is a clear example of “taking advantage.” “Right now I feel happier than everI am excited by what I see every day in the ICU, I have learned so much and I still have so much to learn. I like to think that I am The happiest R1 walks through the intensive care unitIt’s my place, it’s my patients’ understanding and it’s the kind of work I’m willing to dedicate myself to,” he affirms.

Esther was waiting for a different path, but also with a purpose Work by professionalthough he felt scared at first and thought of settling down Another different specialty Pediatrics. It is hard to give up a place to live and start over, but she was clear that this path was not for her.

After knowing the results of MIR 2022 My first reaction was to take a seat Because given the chance, I didn’t see myself being able or willing to try again, despite the fact that the results weren’t quite what I wanted. Months passed and, speaking to several residents, I began to ponder the idea of ​​repeating it. I didn’t want to stay with uncertainty What would happen if he did it again under better circumstances?

For better or for worse, to finish or to start over, the MIR a year ago “gave them a lot”. That’s how JCL sums it up, and this was the process for him “like a roller coaster”But he repeats without any doubt as long as he practices his specialty.

“Feeling that you can help patients in complex, often very dangerous situations, is very enriching. All of your knowledge and your empathy and affection add up. I am not in the habit of telling patients or family members that they really like the way I treat them or how I explain things to them.” , It’s very nice. That makes the 24-hour day wear out a little bit better.”

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