Pictures of the romantic trip through Italy by Alejandro Fantino and Connie Mosquera

The romantic trip of Alejandro Fantino and Connie Mosqueera through Italy (Photos: Instagram)

Alexander Fantino and his wife Connie Mosquera They are enjoying the European summer with a romantic vacation in Italy. So far, the couple has visited tourist destinations such as Rome and Positano.

The couple’s journey began a few days ago upon their arrival in the Italian capital, to which they traveled despite the high temperatures. “Hi, Roma. I painted #Barbiestyle with these 37 shades,” the model wrote in a post on her Instagram, referencing her all-pink look for her first day on vacation. On the other hand, the driver chose dark blue shorts and a light blue shirt to match the model, whom he married in November 2022.

After the Roman stay, the journalist and model took the train and boat to Positano. From Rome to Positano. “I’ve been in this place for hours and I’m already in love,” Connie wrote in another Instagram post he posted from Italy.

On a motorbike and enjoying the European summer, postcards for Alejandro Fantino’s vacations with Connie Mosquera

Fantino took various photos of the Musquerida throughout the trip to the Amalfi Coast, including riding on a blue Vespa motorcycle as they toured the nooks and crannies of the coastal region. In most of the photos, the couple appears very close and very much in love.

“In pajama style, Alejandro wanted to join the stripes,” Connie wrote, photos taken on the balcony of their room on the Amalfitana coast. Which has a wonderful view of the sea.

In tune with the couple’s good romantic moment, Connie decides to take a souvenir from the wedding with the chauffeur on the trip through Italy. “Obviously I brought her with me,” he wrote next to a fan photo with the names “Connie and Ally” engraved on it, dated November 12, 2022, the day they got married.

Lunches, pampering and walks, different romantic moments from Alejandro Fantino and Connie Mosqueera’s journey through Italy

On that wedding day, Alejandro and Connie had a grand dream party. It was organized in a wonderful farm in the city of Canuelas and there they celebrated surrounded by their loved ones, as they enjoyed every moment as if it was their last. After his party Gabriel RolonThey went out to greet the press and share their joy through the cameras.

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At first they kissed and showed their rings and caught the flashes. And then, yes, they said as few words as their voice, broken by the situation, would allow. “I introduce you to my wife, Connie Mosquera,” the former driver joked. stray animals After greeting Alejandro Guatehistorian A24. For her part, the model said she was somewhat calmer. A Bahian woman said at the time: “I lived obsessively until the party, and now all happiness.” “I’m so excited,” she said romantically, looking at her new husband, “when I saw the family, the whole theatre, the music, you’re there, you’re my darling.”

More photos of Alejandro Fantino and Connie Mosquera’s trip through Italy (Photos: Instagram)

“He’s very gracious, very romantic, funny, has an inner determination, and always surprises you with the stories he pulls out of the hat,” Cooney said of the journalist. At that moment, both of them recalled the rituals they got engaged to on the shores of the Aegean Sea, and recounted the details of the honeymoon they are enjoying these days, which they will take to Egypt, Istanbul, the Maldives, Nepal and Dubai.

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