They play to see who is the hardest and forget about the country

He noted there that after this vote, “Argentina continues the current agreement that Macri signed in 2018” regarding the debt, and that “since they cannot justify it, they are making these scandals” while stressing: “I will not be silent.”

“Let them do whatever they want with me, I don’t care, I’m so proud of everything we’ve done. The dominant media has an obsession, and they’re being punished,” he asked.

In turn, Mario Negri and Christian Ritondo, the heads of the Radical and Professional respectively, criticized, saying: “I am surprised by both, because they know that I have not attacked or harmed anyone,” and then mocked: “They have come to give lessons, one of the representatives spoke about education, and next to him was the Minister It was he who achieved the most in this sector in 2001”, by Ricardo Lopez Murphy.

Kirchner said that “there was a call from Alberto Fernandez asking us to pass the project to commissioning, as a gesture of goodwill, and that’s when their assaults began. I thought they were much more regional and representative leaders, but they were so much more so I saw today it costs me so much to understand this irresponsibility and I feel sorry for the extremism.” .

“They are the same ones who left us without a budget in 2010,” the MP continued, warning of a “large campaign in the opposition’s media” through “a major communication defect” in the country.

Analyzing the controversy that ended in rejecting the bill, he concluded: “We were able to note between the PASO and the General, when they wanted to stay with the House of Representatives, that they were badly damaged by their victory in the midterm elections and they confuse it with the Executive.”

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He criticized, “They entered a race among themselves, it was a competition to see who would become more hoarse at the time of the shouting,” noting that “there are people from the opposition forces who do not look at each other when we have the meetings.”

He expressed his regret, saying, “We will now have a president of the union of major cities, but we do not have a budget,” stressing that “this is not the budget that we want but rather the budget that we can.”

“It is amazing because there are no inexperienced people in that area. There is Rogelio Frigrio, who was responsible for the dollar indebtedness of all the provinces (as Minister of the Interior of the previous government); there is Maria Eugenia Vidal, who moved to Capa because they did not give him the numbers in the province, and there Santelli, who knows what it means to have a budget or not, because he was the vice-president of the government. This Patotril behavior is amazing. “

“We agreed to go to the session, and there was a backlog of assaults, and cataracts. They didn’t agree among themselves, which doesn’t catch my eye, because that’s how they ruled too,” he said, insisting. He did not trigger the opposition’s reaction: “All I did was describe who owed Argentina $44 billion.”

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