Photo: A NASA robot has captured a rock on Mars for the first time, but it will only reach Earth in 2031

The NASA’s Mars robot, “Perseverance”, After the first failed attempt to collect a rock from Earth on Mars, it has now succeeded and then sent the sample back to Earth, as confirmed by the US space agency.

Device capture file Rust-colored rock the width of a pencil And put it successfully in the tube. It is the first sample taken on the Red Planet. Images sent by Perseverance reveal sedimentary material with iron and other minerals that could have been derived from the water, CNET notes.

currently The rover must be processed, sealed and stored It appears somewhere on the surface of Mars. She then repeats this process and collects more samples, leaving them scattered around.

NASA and the European Space Agency will send another unit and robot to collect all those items placed in tubes near Jezero crater. A rocket will take them to our planet for study.

We will have to be patient to find out the results of these tests, as agencies plan to launch that ship in 2026 and that it will reach the Red Planet in 2028. The samples will not arrive until 2031. One detail: those missions are still being developed.

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