“Paw Patrol: The Super Movie” beats “Saw X” and “The Creator” at the US box office

The fight looms at the US box office this weekend, with several new releases on the general cinema circuit, including “The Creator,” “Saw X” and the national expansion of “Wall Street Heist.” Who among them will take first place in the ranking?

Well, none of them, because they couldn’t do it with the youngsters’ enthusiasm for Marshall and the other members of the “Paw Patrol.” His new feature film, “Paw Patrol: The Super Movie,” had the highest grossing weekend with $23 million.It’s a huge improvement over the characters’ previous film, which opened in theaters in 2021 with $13.15 million. He did so without advance passes on Thursday.

‘opinion An improvement over the last two installments of the saga“Saw VIII” ($16.64 million in 2017) and above all “Spiral: Saw” ($8.75 million in 2021). It also managed to exceed its budget ($13 million).

Gareth Edwards’ “The Creator” had worse luck It ended up premiering in third place and making around $14 million at the box office.. Although its budget is limited relative to its current size (about $80 million), it must have a good reputation in order to get off the ground.

“The mercen4rios” is in free fall

But the bad news for “Los Mercen4rios” is It was down nearly 70% compared to its opening weekendAdding only $2.5 million to a total of only $13.26 million. Jigsaw and the Creator may have done a lot of damage, but it’s not as if the audience reception was enthusiastic (it achieved a B-, noticeably low, in Cinemascore polls).

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Among the new releases, and in a much smaller number of rooms, “The Blind,” based on the true story of Phil Robertson, best known for the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty,” grossed $4.12 million in its opening weekend.. It’s not as impressive as the 19.68 million “Sound of Freedom” songs it shares with a target audience, but it’s starting somewhere. That’s already more than the $3.5 million that “Wall Street Blow” made in nearly 3,000 theaters this weekend.

In the long run, highlight that Oppenheimer is approaching $1 billion worldwide This is thanks to its holdings of $322.5 million in the United States and $611.2 million in the rest of the markets.

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