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Jorge L. Boza

In this blog I will share with you a series of thoughts on the exciting and misunderstood topic of innovation. I want to do it in a way that is easy to understand, with articles that are practical and entertaining, and at the same time they can be useful to business owners and those who dream of becoming one. I work in California as an innovation consultant, implementing creative and innovative solutions for companies and startups from different countries. I am the author of the innovation book Looking at Business Upside Down which has been published in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. In this book, I introduce the Zebra Hunter strategy, an innovation method we use to create new, nonsensical business concepts. I have also written Thinking Outside the Curve which is due out in the second half of 2020. I am often invited to speak on creativity and innovation in academic institutions such as: University of Delhi in India, Tsinghua University in China, ESADE in Spain, Tecnol√≥gico de Monterrey In Mexico, U Cat√≥lica de Chile, among others. Apart from this, I also write other innovation blogs for important media outlets in Chile and Spain. I’ve been irreverent, highly curious, impatient, hyperactive and rebellious for as long as I can remember (if I have anything). I love animal cookies, cold fanta, Italian food, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My LinkedIn account is:, if you want to invite me to be a part of your professional contacts I will be happy to accept your application (all in all, the only people I have never accepted on my social networks They are those who do not call me). I don’t use Twitter much but this is my account: @jorgeluisbozaol.

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Aileen Morales

"Beer nerd. Food fanatic. Alcohol scholar. Tv practitioner. Writer. Troublemaker. Falls down a lot."

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