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They denounce the new plans against Bolivia, despite the rejection of the United States

“We have worked for a long time to achieve change in Bolivia, and time is of the essence for us, but for change to be real, Evo and Arce must leave power and close this chapter,” the published recording said. By Digital Intermediary Radar (

According to this website, Hevia adds in the conversation that from now on the embassy will become more involved in strengthening what she calls “our allies, organizations and collaborators.”

“(…) For example, our government has always provided scholarships in Bolivia, and now we will provide more because young people are our agents of change and they are very, very important,” concludes the Chargé d’Affaires, according to him. To the radar.

This recording appears to be a continuation of a complaint published by the same digital medium last week about a plan called Simón Bolívar to recolonize Latin America.

According to this complaint, the first step in the case of Bolivia is to strengthen the internal division of the Movement Towards Socialism – Political Instrument for People's Sovereignty (MAS-IPSP) and promote a single opposition candidate in the 2025 general elections.

According to this information attributed to a leak from the US mission in La Paz, this will achieve the victory of the “outside” linked to Washington’s interests, which will allow North American companies to control lithium and other natural resources.

Last week, the US Embassy in Bolivia denied the accusation against Hevia as the head of that plan.

The diplomatic mission confirmed that it recognizes the legitimacy of Luis Arce as president and that it respects the will of citizens in the upcoming elections, according to what digital media Bolivia Verifica reported.

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However, Bolivian public opinion is based on precedents such as the position Hevia held in the Operations Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been described as a space for designing destabilization strategies.

The Bolivian political weekly La Epoca denounced that this area is in fact a working group dedicated to intelligence and special operations tasks.

During an interview on Sunday, former Bolivian President Evo Morales expressed deep concern about plans being made in the midst of the MAS-IPSP split and other conflicts within the country.

Likewise, President Luis Arce has repeatedly warned of hybrid warfare operations against the Andean-Amazonian country and called for unity to strengthen the political instrument and the multinational state.


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