Pope closes to the victims of the storm in Canada and the hurricane in Gaylord (USA)

(VaticanNews).– He learned of the recent storms that hit southeastern Canada – reads the telegram – His Holiness Pope Francis offers his prayers to all who are suffering the effects of this disaster.

He also praises the souls of the dead on the mercy of God Almighty and He assures the wounded and the suffering of his spiritual closeness“, Keep going.

The telegram concludes, “On you, your fellow bishops in the affected areas, and the civil authorities who continue to provide the necessary assistance, the Holy Father invokes the blessings of the Lord for strength and consolation.”

the facts

The storms of recent days have left at least eight people deadAccording to agency reports. Some Leaving 900,000 homes without electricity Last Saturday night. Clogged streets with twigs and rubble: it’s part of the picture.

Pope’s pain with cyclone victims in Gaylord

Grieved to learn of the tragic loss of life and devastation caused by the hurricane that has devastated the Gaylord community in recent days, reading a telegram signed by Barolin and addressed to Bishop Jeffrey J. Walsh, His Holiness Pope Francis expresses his sincere solidarity with all those affected by this natural disaster.

Likewise, the text continues, offering certainty to pray for the dead, the wounded, and the displaced, as well as for those involved in relief efforts. To all – the letter concludes – the Holy Father invokes the blessings of strength and peace from Almighty God.

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a report

On May 20, according to the agency’s reports, Hurricane hit Gaylord, Michigan. phenomenon left Less than 2 dead, more than 40 wounded, and multiple material losses.

The Catholic Church’s response

How do you report? Gaylord Parish websiteAnd every pThe parishioners of the diocese will hold a special emergency group on Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 To provide assistance to those in need.

The Capital From this special collection – shows diocese information – You will go to the “Tornado Response Fund” of the local Otsego Community Foundation For immediate relief, short-term recovery and long-term reconstruction. Working with community partners such as United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Food Pantry, etc., the grants will focus on getting IDPs into short and long-term housing and providing them with basic necessities.

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