[OPINIÓN] Is it rash to stop wearing masks? Written by Carlos Perez, Dean of the College of Medicine and Science at San Sebastian University

The development of the Covid-19 pandemic has led various countries to relax some measures to prevent infection, including the use of a mask. However, there is consensus that this device makes it possible to prevent cases of SARS-CoV-2 and, together with vaccination, contributes to reducing the transmission of the virus.

Self-care measures and vaccination campaigns have been essential in the world to be able to control the progression of Covid-19 and all its variables. The use of masks was one of the most important protection mechanisms to prevent its spread.

However, with infections declining, some countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, the United Kingdom and Belgium have decided to completely cancel the use of the mask, while others have chosen to cancel their commitment in open spaces (Australia, Hungary, Poland), or maintain their use indoors and in transport General (Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal)

Carlos Perezdean of the College of Medicine and Science at San Sebastian University points out that we must not forget that the epidemic is still in force and has many new infections.

This is despite the fact that the cases of the more severe patients housed in the critically ill unit connected to mechanical ventilation have begun to decline.

In his opinion, regardless of the decisions made by other countries, “in Chile we must at least maintain self-care measures and in particular the use of masks that reduce the risk of transmitting and acquiring SARS-CoV-2.”

In addition, he asserts, “Often people enter a closed space and forget or not bring their masks, which means that in the end proper use is lost. This creates confusion and therefore it is difficult to return with this protective measure.”

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The dean of the USS College of Medicine and Science doesn’t see significant inconveniences in terms of capacity limits or discontinuation of temperature controls, but emphasizes that “the use of masks, frequent hand washing, and indoor ventilation.

“Let’s remember that vaccines in particular avoid complications and deaths, but not necessarily SARS-CoV-2 infection, which is not entirely mild, but a condition that leads to rest, fever and lethargy for several days.” , finds an infection doctor.

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