Exciting encounter between an NHL assistant and a medical student who discovered cancer in the middle of a game

the the present Brian “Reed” Hamilton He was in the middle of a game Vancouver Canucks against the Seattle Kraken in the American League ice hockey the October 23 When a young medical student told her that lunar Who was on the back of his neck could be Malignant skin cancer.

After two months, Brian “Reed” Hamilton He searched social media for the woman who saved his life to find her and thank her. about heroic deed Nadia Popvichi, Seattle Kraken and Vancouver Canucks have teamed up to offer a scholarship to the young woman of $10,000. This gesture was rewarded during last Saturday’s game.

A message written on a mobile phone saved the life of the assistant

the the present One of the Canucks was lounging around the bench cleaning iPads and gloves. Hamilton turned around and saw Nadia Popvichi, a future medical student He was holding his phone to the glass with the warning message. Reid Hamilton read message, she nodded to the young woman and turned around to get on with her work.

The assistant took care of the young woman and went to get mole biopsy. Find out it was already stage 2 malignant melanoma. This means that the file cancer It was only introduced in The outer layer of your skin It has not penetrated the inner layer yet. Thanks for notifying the student now Hamilton You can thank her, “You extended my life, you saved my life,” the assistant commented during a match NHL Saturday.

Thank you infinite

“She didn’t get me out of a burning car as great stories do, but she did get me out of a slow fire. The words that came out of the doctor’s mouth were: If I ignore it for four or five years, I’m not here. I didn’t know what was there. She pointed it out. The way she It baffled me. She wasn’t too big. I wear a jacket, and I wear a radio on the back of my jacket. She was a hero.” Hamilton claimed.

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To find his heroine, Hamilton posted on the account Twitter From Canox e-mail. The job has completed its objective and The two of them can meet again During last Saturday’s game.

“I want everyone to know it’s not about me,” Hamilton wrote in the letter. “This is a wonderful person who takes the time to notice something troubling and then finds a way to point it out during the chaos of a hockey game.”

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