One in four patients admitted to internal medicine suffers from malnutrition

One in 4 patients admitted to internal medicine is malnourished and up to 20 percent become malnourished during hospitalization, according to internal medicine physicians from Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) mark National Nutrition Day Which is celebrated on May 28.

For this reason, they drew attention to the importance of nutrition to maintain good health in the general population as well as to prevent complications during hospitalization, emphasizing that the nutritional assessment of the person admitted to the hospital, along with the rest of the assessments and/or tests required. In this sense, they have reminded the general public that “a healthy diet is essential to the enjoyment of good health, well-being and quality of life”.

“One in four patients suffers from malnutrition. And 20 percent become malnourished during hospitalization. We know that this leads to more morbidity, mortality and longer hospital stays. For this reason, it is essential that our patients make early diagnosis and treatment.” SEMI Internal Medicine Physician, Mayka Mafé.

On his part, his counterpart Navarro’s gem Ensure that maintaining a good nutritional status is essential to the body’s functions and all systems that must be optimally maintained at the same time.

“Nutritional support and nutritional management for patients with COPD is extremely vital, particularly for two reasons: because of the importance of adequate muscle that allows a good respiratory pump and breathing more adequately, and because a patient with COPD has certain conditions in their life. musculoskeletal that makes it important to customize his assessment individually, especially the assessment of the lower extremities,” the internist settled at SEMI, Fernando Garachon.

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