Schools do not have a guarantee of food support and long hours

Schools that are part of the La Escuela Es Nuestra (LEEN) program are in a state of uncertainty as they do not have guaranteed support for long hours and food. In addition, 27,000 institutions that were part of the full-time schools will not be able to receive resources from the new program.

Because SEP made changes to a file Operating ruleswhich establishes that “Schools previously selected in previous fiscal years will not be liable to benefit again from the LEEN program for the current fiscal year.”

But that is not all, schools that have been selected for the first time to be beneficiaries have no guarantee that they will receive support on a second occasion. Nor is there a certainty that the resources in the current school year will be sufficient to cover both services: food and overtime.

In fact, the rules for operating the program itself include a section that states that schools may have a food service even if parents decide not to extend business hours.

Why do you do it like this when both services are always considered in full-time schools?

“They don’t give accounts for a long day with food service, it’s not enough,” stresses Fernando Alcazar, director of legal studies at Mexicanos Primero.

Alcazar explained that despite the fact that the amounts to be provided by La Escuela es Nuestra in 2022 are greater, compared to previous years, the fact is that they are not sufficient to cover the cost of food and overtime for basic education students.

The expert gave an example of the problem on a campus of 100 students which, according to the operating rules, would have a subsidy of 250,000 pesos.

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For food, the program is considering a maximum support of 15 pesos per student per day, which is 1,500 pesos per day on this campus with 100 students. The 2021-2022 school year consists of 200 days, so food only requires a subsidy of 300,000 pesos.

In addition, there will be a shortfall in payments to the School Food Service Coordinator (CESA) who will be responsible for preparing the food and who, according to the 2022 Program Guide, will receive subsidies of up to 3,800 pesos per month.

Another comment is to pay teachers who will cover the extra hours; A transaction that was previously made by state governments and will now be the responsibility of the parents.

Schools without guarantees

The director of the legal studies department at Mexicanos Primero explained that at the moment there is no reference for this year on how much teachers and directors will be paid for overtime, but if the 2021 amounts are taken, it will be talking about paying 30-45 thousand pesos per academic year to the teacher; And between 45 and 60 thousand pesos per year for the manager.

“If a school has a teacher and a principal (in long hours), then we are talking about their wages being a third of what they receive. Alcazar insisted.

To the expert, this lends itself to a simulation and there may be a risk that the resource will be used for something else, such as an infrastructure project.

“In fact, this lends itself to simulation and it can be risked – there is a high probability – that in order to avoid all these problems; and seeing that it will not reach them (school committees) decide better to use the money for infrastructure work,” he warned.

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Since 2007, when the full-time school program began as a beta test, year after year it has been adding beneficiary educational institutions until, in 2020, it reached 27,067 schools with a population of 3 million students who were guaranteed resources that year after year – Once they enter the program – they will not stop being beneficiaries.

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