Oñativia Hospital has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca Pharmacy

The Ministry of Public Health through Dr. Hospital. Arturo Oñativia, ”an agreement with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to enhance access to precision medicine currently used in oncology and other rare diseases.

It will be by implementing a board (software) technology to identify molecular targets, which makes precision medicine possible, through targeted therapy.

Also, with the signing of this document, AI technology will be applied to diagnostic imaging in the chest, in order to improve early detection and positively impact clinical outcomes.

Through this agreement, the means will be provided to train specialists from the Arturo Onativa Hospital’s Pathological Anatomy Program in Precision Medicine, which will be delivered through the AstraZeneca Scientific Portal.

In addition, campaigns for the prevention and awareness of cancer and its risk factors will be implemented.

“We will work on prevention and promotion, conducting studies on germline mutations in the tumor, which will allow the determination of the patient’s genetic line,” added Belen Franzini, head of the oncology program.

AstraZeneca Southern Cone Cluster President Leticia Murray explained, “The agreement has four strategic pillars through which we seek to bring science closer to patients. As leaders in this field, we play an essential role in transforming health systems, making them more self-sufficient and equipping them with technology to improve quality of life The patients “.

Organizational Development Curator, Ana Ines Reerts; Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Alejandro Farah. Undersecretary for Social Medicine Gabriela Dorigato and Chief of the Oncology Program Belen Franzini.

The AstraZeneca ceremony was attended by Nicholas DiAntoni, Director of Corporate Affairs at the Southern Cone. Patricia Biolci, medical director of the Southern Cone; Luciana Cresol, Director of Governmental Affairs, Argentina; Bernardo Gonzalez Lee, Chief Access Managers; Victoria Otero, MD, medical director of the Southern Cone Hematology Oncology Center; Guillermo Cuello, Director, Southern Cone Diagnostics; and Nilda Anna Giorgetti, director of Access for the Southern Cone.

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