On Friday, what could be the blockbuster of the summer will hit Netflix

It’s called The Tyrone Clone, and for a start, we’ll tell you that movie stars Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teona Paris. With that said, your curiosity must have already been piqued. But he also thinks it’s a sci-fi comedy that has some of the best dialogue we’ve seen in months.

Start with the big door

First appearance of the movie On its way to Rotten Tomatoes It was excellent. The film was released in North American theaters on June 14 and entered the popular ratings and reviews website 100% score. Although the score given by the press at the moment has already dropped to an average of 96%, the general opinion is still at 100%, which bodes for very good impressions when the movie lands on the streaming platform.

For Netflix, this is very good news, as the platform is eager to enjoy large releases that guarantee an increase in subscribers and, at the same time, help it stay relevant in the sector. After all, we must not forget that the premiere of Bird Box Barcelona ended with him devastating reviews: 48% from the press and 35% from the audience within the same location.

What was the movie about?

Specialists say The Tyrone Clone is a production that takes as a reference everything the films that were part of the Blaxploitation phenomenon that was born in the 1970s had to offer. For this reason, the various components such as Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Or, among other things, the most surreal parody possible. But far from being incoherent, these components come together perfectly and help make it, according to reviews that can be found online, one of the best movies we can see this summer.

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The story itself revolves around a curious trio of lead characters on their way to uncover a cloning plot that the government seems to have been working behind the scenes. But the development of the story takes place not on a large scale, but in the neighborhood, with all that entails from the pace of the film and the unimpressive moments in which the viewer is involved. Moreover, the protagonists They are not exactly role models. that we’re used to, but rather street-dwelling characters promoting objectionable activities. John Boyega, for one, plays a camel, and his adventure buddies aren’t far behind for the role either.

It is important to know that Tyrone clones It is the director’s first filmHey Joel Taylor, and we already know what that usually means on this type of project. We’re already used to presenting these first films as original films penned by their directors over the years. In the case of this movie, the director states that he initially thought of the story as a joke and then developed it in an absolutely crazy way to turn it into a movie.

As we said before keeping in mind The batch of flops that Netflix holds In recent months, it’s clear that the platform needs a hit like this as soon as possible to prevent users from canceling their accounts. It will be available on Friday!

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