“Now no one can tell us that we don’t know anything about football”, Humberto Sainz Marinero

The chair of the Phosphot Settlement Commission, Humberto Saenz Marinero, gave his first words after another year as chair of the Commission and spoke about what needs to be done

Monday started with continuation news settlement committee The Salvadoran Football Federation (FSFO) was approved by FIFA for an additional year, according to a letter I sent to the committee. In this way the second year of administration of the provisional entity begins, while elections for the Executive Committee are held in a timely and appropriate manner.

In this regard, the Chairman of the Committee said, Umberto Sainz, sailor He spoke at La Tribo (Sonora 104.5) about this continuity and confirmed it as an endorsement of the administration that took place last year and highlighted the term “maximum efficiency” that FIFA used in the committee’s work.

Phosphot settlement committee stays for another year

Marinero stressed that in this first period of his administration, they learned how to deal with pressure and improved their football experience, stressing that “After a year, no one can tell us we don’t know about football. Now we know and more than some other people who have been around for a long time, we’ve learned the gist of it and we’re ready.” for the second yeardoomed on the radio program.

At the beginning of this second year of administration, FIFA stated in its letter that the financial review is still pending, the development of appropriate laws for FIFA-Concacaf and the election of the new Executive Committee, with Marinero stressing that “we have no intention of continuing to move forward as FIFA wants us to be, We accept the challenge, FIFA has asked us to continue.”

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Today they have the twelve teams from the first division to register for Phosphot and participate in the Apertura 2023. Photo EDH / Courtesy Primera División

Regarding the statements expressed by FIFA in approving his work, he said so He added: “It makes us feel very comfortable and satisfied, it is a task that is not often looked at, because we have repaired the house and managed the limited resources and this has been done along with FIFA.”

On other issues, Marinero stated that FIFA, through the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA), based in the United Kingdom, is already diagnosing the security situation in the country’s stadiums and confirmed the presence of employees from this company for a further sporting scenario. The review panel phased over the LMF’s weekend date.

on section One He stressed that there is “expansion and contraction” in the relationship, but he expressed confidence that the situation will improve this year. when we talk about judo Jama, The sporting director of Fosfoot said that he would come to the country between September 8 and 10 to do his work personally, and that this was already being considered at the time of his contract.

Panama defeated El Salvador, eliminating them from the Gold Cup
Unconditionally, the Salvadorean crowd was the majority at Houston Stadium. They never stop supporting. Photo by EDH/AFP

Finally, with regard to Citravisfoot’s statement expressing disagreements about the committee’s management towards national football, Marinero noted that “we are implementing important changes in management, administration, efficient use of resources and managerial professionalism. Some changes have encountered resistance in sports and there is nothing to worry about in matters of administrative work.” These are issues that will be resolved in the short term and will not create a problem for the administration.”

In addition, he revealed that there is a possibility that one of the current Settlement Committee members, who is not him, will step down from the federal entity, but he did not reveal who the member will be leaving or at any moment. .

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