How to find out if my email has been leaked on the dark web or dark internet

Leaked data can be used to steal money from users. (unsplash)

One of the dangers of being online is that our data is located in dark web, a space where leaked information is secretly sold and shared. for this reason, Google He has a tool on Google One that lets users see if their emails are there com. gmail They have been stolen.

Entering this web space carries multiple risks, because most users use their email account to connect bank accounts, social networks, or obtain private information that can be used to steal money or carry out a wide range of crimes.

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in Google One There is a feature that actively searches for potential personal data leaks in dark web It notifies users if their information has been compromised. To ensure that we are not exposed to any risks, the following process must be carried out:

1. Access the Google One page at in a web browser.

2. On the home page find the section Dark web report And select Try Now option.

3. Inside the report, we will find the option to run the analysis. Clicking this option will cause Google to start scanning the dark web for possible email address-related leaks.

4. Once the scan is complete, a summary of the results will appear and it will be reported if the data is found to have security breaches.

Leaked data can be used to steal money from users. (Google)

It is possible to get more details, you can click on “See all results”. This will take you to a page showing the specific breaches where the information and data that was compromised were found.

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Among the results will determine whether the account com. gmail It was leaked through one of the platforms associated with it, which shows which data is at risk and from what date this situation occurs.

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This function provides not only the possibility of checking our data, but also the possibility of taking immediate measures to protect the information. Additionally, paid users have the option to schedule regular reports to receive alerts about new leaks.

Leaked data can be used to steal money from users. (unsplash)

Google It will allow more than 1.8 billion users to communicate differently when replying to an email in Gmail, using emojis that are common in other apps like WhatsApp And Instagram.

The information arose after knowing part of the source code of the latest version of Gmail iOS. It was one of the developers who found clear mentions of emoji interactions, indicating that development is ongoing and could be implemented via a server update anytime soon.

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Emoji interactions can include familiar icons like a thumbs up, a heart, a smiley face, and a sad face. These icons will be displayed next to the message in the inbox, for both the sender and the recipient.

When a user receives a response to an email, a notification will appear with the message: “Someone has interacted with your email,” along with the relevant emoji.

This feature will allow recipients to immediately understand how their message was received, without having to open the entire app, read a new email, and take up more space in their main inbox.

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